Staircase Design Feng Shui

1. The stairs are best located on the financial position
Stairs are the most obvious and key factor affecting wealth. If the stairs are in the financial position, the effect of promoting wealth will be very good. Regardless of the height of the stairs, they should be viewed as water. From the perspective of Xuankong, they should be placed at the gate of the city, as the god of water transport. From the perspective of eight houses, it is placed on the position of anger, prolonging the year, and heavenly doctor. According to Jiuxing Feibo’s point of view, it should be on the angry and prosperous side.
2. The stairs cannot be in the center of the house
Stairs cannot be placed in the center of the house, especially at the beginning and end, which is a big deal. It’s best to lean against the wall. It is easy to divide the house in half in the middle of the house, causing family disharmony.
3. The stairs should not face the door
Do not rush the stairs. This rushing door is not only directly opposite to the door, but also the direction. If the door is in the east, the stairs should run north-south. It can’t be changed. You can use screens, shelves, and counters. Otherwise, we can’t hide the wind and gather energy, and we can’t keep our wealth. The direct opposite of the door is worse.
Fourth, the stairs should not be in the Yaosha side
The stairs should not be on the shining side, otherwise accidents, disasters and fights will easily occur, and customers will be prone to trouble. The stairs of some houses are set at the edge of the tiger, that is, from the inside of the house to the right of the door. Most of these houses are owned by women. If the male owner stays for more than three years, there will be accidental casualties, or the widow of the spouse will remarry. The sign.
Five, the number of steps of the stairs
It is necessary to consider the single step height and the good or bad of the number of steps. Normally, the four-character decision of “life, prosperity and death” should be considered, and the most lunar step on the platform should be “life” or “wang” decision, avoiding ” “Death” vs. “Absolute”.