Steel frame stairs

Steel stairs are a product of the industrial age and were widely used in factory buildings before. In recent decades, with the emergence of many high-tech style buildings, some of their characteristics are aesthetic: the extensive use of industrial metal materials to expose structural components of the building. These characteristics are reflected in many buildings, and the steel staircase is an important element that can express its characteristics. The outdoor steel staircase of the Centre Pompidou in Paris forms a perfect combination with the scaffold-like building facade.
Steel frame staircase material
   Now no matter what you do, we pay attention to environmental protection. The solid wood steel frame staircase is a relatively environmentally friendly steel frame staircase, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also reflects the user’s taste in life. The solid wood steel frame staircase uses solid wood as the surface of the staircase, which cannot be replaced by other materials. The solid wood gives people a feeling of returning to nature, combining industrial elements with natural elements, giving people a unique feeling. The solid wood steel frame stairs on the market generally use imported steel frames as the keel. The quality of imported steel frames is better than that of domestic steel frames. It is strong and reliable, does not make people feel shaken, and gives people strong safety. sense. The price range of solid wood steel-framed stairs is very wide, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.
 Glass steel frame stairs use glass as the surface of steel frame stairs, which has strong industrial elements. Now many high-end clubs will use glass steel frame stairs. The reason why FRP-frame stairs are very popular in high-end places is that the transparent texture of the glass itself is combined with the steel frame, which looks simple, elegant and fashionable. Because of the limitation of its own materials, the FRP stairs require that the dragon used for the FRP stairs must be flawless, and the glass must be high-strength bulletproof glass. Only high-strength tempered glass can ensure that we can walk on the stairs. Accidents will occur, thus ensuring our personal safety. Although glass-steel-framed stairs are used a lot in high-end places, they are still rarely used in ordinary households, and the price is very cheap. You can buy them for a few hundred dollars.
Electric steel-framed stairs are very popular among science and technology enthusiasts, because this kind of stairs has a strong sense of science and technology, most of which use the highest international standard steel plate, the noise is very small, and the volume is much smaller than ordinary stairs. Basically, it does not take up too much space, and outsiders will not find it when it is not in use. It is suitable for installation in attic and other places. It is one of the favorite products of young consumers, but the price of this kind of staircase is more expensive, at 6,000 yuan. Left and right, this is the only disadvantage of electric stairs.