Maza was the first to appear among the seats. It was the predecessor of the stool. Adding a backrest to the stool became a chair. Stools are called 杌stools in folk. It was originally used when stepping on horses and sedan chairs, so it is also called horse stool or sedan chair. Among the common folk names, there is also “wu stool”, because people who practice martial arts sit like a bell and don’t need to rely on anything, hence the name.
The size of the shoe changing stool
Height of shoe changing stool:
The shoe-changing stool provides a platform for people to change shoes, and they can sit more calmly and elegantly change shoes. This kind of stool can be purchased directly on the market as a finished product, or it can be customized by a master. Whether it is purchased or customized, there is a problem involved, and that is the height of the stool. Regarding the height, it is necessary to consider the height of the person. The height of each resident is different, and the height of family members is not the same, so the comfort of sitting posture is also different. If you are too tall or too short, you can consider custom-made stools. If you feel comfortable sitting at a popular height, you don’t need to accurately request the height of the stool. Of course, there is a special situation where there are children in the family. At this time, consider the height of the child. In the design of the stool, make two high and low stools, one for adults to sit on, and the other low stool for children. Change shoes.
Length and width of shoe changing stool:
In the size of the shoe changing stool, the height is purchased or customized based on human comfort. Relatively speaking, there are not too many restrictions on its length and width, and it can be free. Some people choose a shorter stool because the entrance space is limited, too long will affect the beauty of the interior and give people a sense of narrowness. Some people choose a longer stool because they want to make better use of the shoe storage space inside the stool.