Studio decoration design renderings

Studio decoration design renderings
Studio design and studio decoration are two different stages. We all know the principle of design first and then construction. The same applies to the design and decoration of the studio. But first of all, we must know that the main idea of ​​the studio design should be based on the specific purpose of the studio.
Daily studio design
An ordinary studio with no special purpose needs is simple to design. A table, a chair and a computer are enough to constitute the entire content of the work, which is the basic configuration of ordinary white-collar workers’ daily work. As long as the decoration of the daily studio is simple and clear, it is enough to be placed in a good environment.
Music studio design
For a musician, whether it is an instrument, lyrics, composer, arranger or singer, the studio he needs is no longer so simple. In order for the music studio to achieve normal music work, it must have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption. Corresponding to the studio decoration, it is necessary to make a sound insulation wall. And the design of the music studio, it doesn’t matter if it is messy, it can mainly meet the needs of the work.
European retro studio design
For those who are familiar with European traditional culture, they may be familiar with such a typical studio decoration. Dark solid wood office desks and chairs, well-deserved table lamps and murals, this retro decoration style is very suitable for serious and careful work here, such as accounting, administration, editing and writing, etc., which can make workers quickly calm and settle down .
Painting studio design
For art workers, a spacious and spacious studio can be said to be the ideal studio he dreams of. There is no need for excessive furniture, just enough easels and a flat floor are enough. It is not so much that the design and decoration of the painting studio does not require too much decoration. Rather, the work results of the painters themselves become the best decoration.