Studio decoration style

Studio decoration style
It can be divided into Chinese traditional style, European and American style, Japanese style, modern style and pastoral style. Each style has its own different characteristics. Chinese traditional style: This is a form completely different from European and American decorative styles. It combines Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain sculpture, Ming and Qing furniture, traditional Chinese wooden decoration and classical lighting, etc., with its integrated artistic color, reflecting the Chinese cultural and artistic atmosphere.
Traditional and symmetrical methods are often used in furniture layout. Spread a hand-woven carpet on the ground, hang some Chinese landscape paintings and couplets on the wall, put some rare bonsai on the table, and display some Tang Sancai or porcelain. Indoor space partitions use traditional wooden decoration or screens with residual corners. The whole interior presents the atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture.
European and American style: It is characterized by rich variations in decorative line angles on the roof, walls, doors and windows, and elegant colors. The furnishings and lighting are slightly European and have a certain cultural atmosphere. Most of the furniture has a European-style outline, and the color is generally white or light pink, together with one or two Western paintings and sculptures, which can well reflect this style.
Japanese style: This kind of decoration is more suitable for the living room space, the decoration is simple and elegant, but it must adapt to the living habits of the owner. It is partitioned with light wood in clear water, wooden frame lighting, “tatami” on the floor, several cushions and Japanese-style low tables, paper-pasted wooden sliding windows and doors, hand-drawn Japanese style composition Lacquerware, wooden bowls, porcelain and ornaments with Buddhist consciousness.
Modern style: A large number of residential houses are decorated with this style as the main style. This style has a simple appearance, strong functionality, various decorative forms, and an extremely rich selection of decorative materials. It emphasizes the singularity and abstractness of indoor space form and physical inspection, using geometric element-style furniture combinations and pure colors, various artistic paintings, sculptures, lamps, etc., to make the indoor atmosphere fresh and pleasant, and make people feel a simple era Sense and pure and abstract beauty fit modern people’s aesthetics.
Pastoral style: The pastoral style is characterized by a natural mountain flavor. Use natural materials to imitate the small landscape of the natural environment, thereby shaping the field flavor of the room space.