Study room ceiling design

Study room ceiling The ceiling occupies a very important position in the whole room decoration. Appropriate decoration on the ceiling of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a colorful indoor space art image. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, it is necessary to follow the principles of material saving, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality.

Study room ceiling design-all around ceiling

Suspended ceilings on all sides, without hanging in the middle. This kind of ceiling can be formed by wood plywood, designed into various shapes, and equipped with spotlights and downlights. The newer ceiling lights are allocated in the middle of the ceiling without hanging, which will make people feel that the room space is increased. , Especially the larger living room, the effect will be better.
Study room ceiling design-high space ceiling

If your study room has a high space, there is more room for choice of ceiling style, such as gypsum sound-absorbing board ceiling, glass fiber cotton board ceiling, plywood ceiling, etc. These ceilings are not only beautiful, but also have functions such as reducing noise.
Study room ceiling design-modeling plaster

Using plaster around the ceiling of the study can be made into geometric patterns or patterns of flowers, birds, insects and fish. It has the characteristics of low price and simple construction. As long as it is in harmony with the decoration style of the room, the effect is good.
Study room ceiling design-thick around and thin in the middle

The surrounding ceiling is made thick and the middle part is thin to form two levels. This method is more exquisite in the shape of the surrounding ceiling. The wood keel is used as the frame in the middle, and the panel is made of opaque frosted glass; the glass can be sprayed with Chinese ancient painting patterns or with different paints. Geometric patterns, so both modern and antique feel.