Study room decoration

Design principle of tatami mats in the study: reasonable planning of space
Space is very important in tatami design. Nowadays, the use of tatami is mainly in the living room and study room. Of course, some families will also design the bedroom in the form of tatami mats. The advantage of tatami is that people can sit and rest on it. The study space is generally smaller than the living room, so there are some detailed requirements when the kitchen is designed as tatami mats. For example, it is necessary to plan the space reasonably when designing, and ensure that the bookcase has enough space, and then design the tatami space planning.
Study room tatami design principle 2: pay attention to color matching
Don’t feel that there is no connection between the tatami and the study wall or floor. In fact, they have a very strong connection. In the design of tatami mats, special attention must be paid to the color matching. There are many colors of tatami, such as yellow, purple and red. The color of the floor and tatami should be the same as possible, but there can be some distinctions. The color of tatami mats can be changed by mats. In short, the color of bookcases, study walls, floors, and tatami must be unified.
Design principle three of tatami mats in the study: ensure the function of tatami mats
The use of tatami mats in the study may not be for reading. Nowadays, many people like to go to the study room when receiving guests. It is good to have tatami mats in the study room. The advantage of tatami decoration in the study is that everyone can sit and enjoy tea together after entering the study. This is a very happy thing for middle-aged men.
Study Feng Shui
First of all, the study room is the best place for everyone to study. There is no noise outside, so you can calm down and concentrate on reading. Then the decoration of the study should not be too complicated. Don’t put up some idol posters or the like. This will easily cause people to lose concentration and affect their study work. It will make students unable to improve their studies, and those who work are not in a good mood to work, so be careful not to post colorful posters in the study.
Secondly, the study cannot be equipped with a bathroom. Many people think that having a bathroom in the study can save time because many people will read a book for a long time. People always have to go to the toilet. But books are originally a noble thing. If the study is equipped with a bathroom, it will cause a kind of pollution to the book from the perspective of Feng Shui, which is to bury people’s ingenuity. So be sure not to set up toilets in the study.