Study room design

The study room, also known as the home studio, is used as a space for reading, writing, and studying, researching, and working in the spare time. Especially the necessary activity space for cultural, educational, technological, and artistic workers. The study is a place where people return to the office environment after a day of work. Therefore, it is both an extension of the office and a part of family life. The duality of the study puts it in a unique position in the family environment.
1. Low-luxury American style desk
Since the United States was once a colony, some European style shadows can be seen in the American style. Compared with the traditional European style, the American style is more unruly and free. American-style desks prefer to use natural materials such as mahogany, cherry and maple as raw materials, while retaining the color and texture of classic furniture, while showing the bright shape of the desk with modern lines.
Product recommendation: FINE refined furniture Weston writing desk
The double-layer eccentric circle design embodies the fineness in the simplicity. The combination of dark wood and milky white creates a rich layering of the product. The size of 1626x838x762mm is suitable for general household use and is even more luxurious.
Feature recommendation: Select high-quality wood, dark wood color and milky white contrast color matching, with rich layers of design, the desk is stylish and durable.
2. High-profile European style desk
European style always gives people a high-profile and luxurious feeling. Through delicate and complex carvings and complicated lines, with strong contrasting tones such as gold, beige, and white, it highlights the brilliance and high-profile of European style.
Product recommendation: Sofia Avignon solid wood desk
The traditional hand-carved simple and elegant solid wood desk, the wood grain is cleaned naturally, the fine workmanship, the unique design, and the stylish and simple carved embellishment, are like a space art.
Feature recommendation: Using imported raw materials, natural and pollution-free, the wood is naturally fragrant and has no irritating smell, just like being in nature.
3. Unique Southeast Asian style
Maybe you don’t like the low-luxury American style or the luxurious and elegant European style. If you have a unique taste, you will be attracted by the bamboo and rattan woven furniture in Southeast Asia. The desk is woven from bamboo and rattan to make the whole space because of this desk and chair. And it seems more back to basics, closer to nature.
Product recommendation: Tengjue Tengyi computer desk combination rattan desk
The intriguing shape and tone, fashionable and generous curves, and the texture of the rattan weave, give people a comfortable and natural feeling.
Feature recommendation: using high-quality solid wood inner frame and imported Indonesian rattan, natural, healthy, breathable and environmentally friendly.