Study room layout

Study room location: independent and quiet
To travel in the ocean of knowledge, you need a quiet environment to settle your impetuous mind. Reading until late at night may affect your family’s rest, so the study should not pass the bedroom. In a duplex structure house, the loft is the most suitable study room. The transparent skylight, the deep sky, the spiritual freedom is like the blue sky. For villas built individually, the combination of outdoor environment and indoor environment is the focus of consideration. The study should not be close to roads and playgrounds. It is best to arrange it at the back, facing the elegant and gorgeous back garden, and let natural whispers to accompany you to read.
Study room layout: partition management
The space in the study can be divided into a collection area, a reading area, and a rest area. For the study room of 8-15 square meters, the storage area is suitable for layout along the wall, the reading area is arranged by the window, and the rest area occupies the remaining corner. For a large study room of 15 square meters or more, the layout method is much more flexible. For example, a round rotatable bookcase is located in the center of the study room, and a larger rest area is divided for discussion and meeting guests. Try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors in the study room. It is best to use cool colors, such as blue, green, gray and purple. The matte paint with mute effect and avoiding glare, wallpaper and wall covering are suitable for use on the wall of the study room, which is conducive to emotional stability. It is best to use carpet on the floor, so that even if you walk around while thinking about problems, there will be no disturbing noise.
Study room lighting: natural blending
Reading is a matter of comfort and nourishment, and it is best to blend with nature. Therefore, the study should try to choose a well-lit room. The position of the desk is closely related to the position of the window. One must consider the angle of light, and second, consider avoiding the glare of the computer screen. Artificial lighting mainly grasps the principle of brightness, uniformity, naturalness and softness, without adding any color, so that it is not easy to fatigue. There must be local lighting in key parts. If it is a bookcase with a door, you can hide the lights in the shelf for easy searching of books. If it is an open bookshelf, spotlights can be installed above the ceiling for partial light supplementation. The desk lamp is very important. It is best to choose a lamp that can adjust the angle, brightness and darkness, which can increase the comfort when reading.