Study room partition decoration case

The study room partition. There is Yan Ruyu in the book, and Yan Ruyu in the book. The home study room is not only a place to read books to cultivate sentiment, but also a place to go home to “recharge” and work hard and study hard. Such an important field must not be created casually or even ignored. If the home is not large, or the home did not have a study room, the design of the partition will definitely make you a treasure. Through careful design, you can create a small and independent exquisite study room.
Editor’s words: The whole large space is cleverly divided into multiple areas on one side of the stairs with partitions, and the partition design of the study room only slightly extends the wall, but it is enough to hide the main part. The wall-mounted desk is designed according to the attached partition. The advantage of this is that the space is not too closed, ensuring its original spaciousness.
Editor’s words: The partition has the important function of dividing a space into two spaces, thus achieving the effect of one room with two functions. The inclined creative partition in the case cleverly divides the study and bedroom areas, and it is not only the TV background wall of the living room, but also the workbench of the entire study, plus the shelf on the corner wall as the bookshelf, giving the appearance of the study Perfectly presented, with great sense of design.
Editor’s note: Frame partitions with more comprehensive partition functions can effectively divide a relatively independent small space in a large room. The large living room in the case has made good use of it, and the partition wall is decorated with colorful decorative paintings. The layout of the study, from the selection of furniture to the treatment of the background wall, exudes a stylish industrial feel.
Editor’s words: From this perspective, you can clearly see the two spaces that are divided into two. The simple furniture selection is full of calm charm. The study was built into a reading type. The large bookshelf is set against the wall, with a single sofa and comfortable footstool in the middle, forming a quiet and extremely enjoyable reading area.