Study room partition small study room design

Study room partition The small-sized home space makes people a headache when decorating. If the space is too small, it is inevitable that there will be no extra rooms for the study. But we can use simple fragmented spaces or walkways as reading areas, and use fragmented spaces and partitions to create a relatively independent and quiet reading space. Let’s take a look at the clever application of the study partition in the decoration design of the small study.

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Application of Study Room Partition in Decoration Design of Small Study Room

For those families with large corners of the stairs, the smart display of the handrail display rack not only makes the space more transparent, but also makes the upper and lower spaces have a unified through element. The display rack can not only provide people with a support point, but also put many things into it, which is clear at a glance, has a large storage capacity, and is very decorative. Irregular bookshelves make the stairs a little more flexible, while the white color also increases the sense of space. When you go upstairs and downstairs, pick up a book at random and sit down on the stairs to read it. Isn’t this casual feeling also pleasant?

Many people have the habit of reading at night. Reading in the bedroom can facilitate sleep and eliminate the worry of disturbing family members at night. As for the study room that is half separated from the bedroom, the lighting must not extend to the bedroom to avoid affecting the rest of the family. If the study room and the bedroom are a suite, a bedroom with a larger area is more suitable for a separate study room. Each is a separate room, but there is a door in the middle, and a new study room is set inside the bedroom, which can also be connected to the bedroom as a whole, and the two are unimpeded.

Due to the large living room area, a small study area was designed to make full use of the space. The custom-made wall-mounted bookshelf can be used for display as well as for storing books. The design of the desk fully conforms to the position of the wall and the bookshelf, saving the area to the greatest extent. The Japanese-style platform next to it is also an extension of the study’s function, and you can sit on it to read and drink tea. There is no relatively independent study space that feels uncomfortable enough. Using a certain part of the room to partition out actually cut off a comfortable small study room, which not only greatly saves space, but also meets the layout and beauty of the room.