Subject demolition

Demolition and modification of the main body is the first project, which mainly includes demolishing walls, laying walls, shoveling walls, dismantling heating, replacing plastic steel windows and so on. The garbage that has been dismantled and modified should be cleared out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the room, also for the convenience of construction. At this point, it’s time to finalize the finished door. At this time, it is best to browse the cabinets, hoods, stoves, and water heaters thoroughly and be sure.

The process of main body dismantling and modification: 1. Design drawings. The first thing to do before the main body is to be dismantled and modified is to prepare the design drawings first, and carry out the main body dismantling and modification according to the plan of the decoration design drawings. Without the decoration drawings, it means that the decoration content has not been planned. Inappropriate. 2. Retain the original main material. In the early stage of demolition, attention should be paid to whether the raw materials need to be removed. For example, if the original putty is waterproof, it does not need to be removed. The materials that can be used directly should be kept. 3. Demolition and modification of the wall. Demolition and build new walls in accordance with the instructions of the decoration drawings. 4. Shovel the land, remove the heater if there is a heater, and replace the plastic steel window. 5. Clean up garbage. After the demolition and modification, a lot of garbage will be left. At this time, the construction team needs to clean up the garbage for the next operation.

Precautions for main body demolition and modification: 1. The load-bearing wall cannot be removed. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, it is generally illegal to remove the load-bearing wall, and the load-bearing wall is the main part that bears the weight of the previous floor. After the demolition, the house may collapse. 2. The door frame cannot be removed if it is inside the concrete. If forcibly demolished, the wall may collapse easily. 3. The low wall of the balcony cannot be removed. After removal, the balcony may collapse. 4. The lines that are being demolished should be closed in advance. Be especially careful about the lines hidden in the wall. The main gate should be turned off in advance to avoid the risk of electric shock caused by accidental contact with the wires.