Summer interior decoration

Summer interior decoration In summer, the whole world is passionate, and the whole world is full of heat and greenery. Home furnishing should be like changing the season of clothes, making the home refreshing and spicy. Good home furnishing brings us not only sensory pleasure, but also healthy body and mind and enriches the home atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the close relationship between home accessories and daily life, and change the mood easily.

Color matching for summer interior decoration

Summer flowers present colorful colors, which can regulate people’s emotions. The bright red pomegranate flowers will form an atmosphere of warm and excitement; the snow blue flowers in the June snow will create a peaceful and peaceful scenery. Therefore, orange, red, and yellow flowers can give people a feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth, and can enhance the appetite of the elderly. The green, white, and blue flowers give people a feeling of comfort, refreshment and tranquility, and have a therapeutic effect on elderly hypertension.

Summer interior decoration 1. To make summer flowerbed flowers grow well, you must first choose a good location. Generally, the flower beds on the east side can receive the morning sun instead of the west sun in the afternoon. It is more appropriate; if the flower beds are on the west side, they need shading, such as shading with a trellis, or planting hedges or fences on the west side, so that The flower bed is not affected by the western sun. At the same time, the flower seedlings planted before the onset of summer must be sturdy and heat-resistant varieties, and the soil for planting should be rich in humus soil, and must be watered thoroughly after planting.

2. Orange is a young and fashionable color. The whole living room is made of white furniture, then orange carpets, curtains with orange flower patterns, and a chair full of design sense set off the whole space stylishly and brightly.

3. In the era of pastoral style, adding a touch of pastoral softness to the simple style is also a good mix and match style. In this space, the small floral-style sofas in the garden, coupled with the entire green wall, are full of natural vigor. Matching with white simple lamps and storage cabinets, it dilutes the sweetness of the countryside.