Sun room decoration attention

1. The difference between Chinese and Western design
The Chinese-style sun room uses natural pebbles and stone as the main materials, and the color matching gives people a simple and peaceful feeling. And pay special attention to the details, even a small lamp is very charming. Western-style sunrooms are mostly designed with crystal clear glass and colorful and smart grids, showing a sunny atmosphere. The design incorporates artistic exaggeration, revealing fashion style.
2. Floor tiles
If there is a garden planned in the sun room, the floor tiles should not be too flat and should be a little ravine. This is good for retaining water and soil. The corners of the floor drain on the roof should be properly lowered to facilitate the removal of excess water from the soil. The floor drain drained. In addition, it is necessary to lay an isolation layer similar to a non-woven fabric on the board to prevent water from taking away the sediment during the process of leakage and avoid blocking the pipeline.
3. Drainage system
When designing the sun room, we must pay attention to the setting of the drainage system. If there is a pool in the sun room, the area of ​​the pool should not be too large. If the amount of water is large, spillage is more likely to occur, which will endanger the safety of the building over time. When designing the sun room, doors and windows must be left for ventilation.
Four, storage design
Due to the limited space, some owners will choose to open a corner of the sun room as a storage cabinet. If it is arranged as a storage cabinet, it must not be placed with too many plants, otherwise the storage cabinet must be moisture-proof.
Five, plant selection
Many owners will plant plants in the sun room, so there is a certain degree of particularity in the selection of plants. First of all, we must understand the orientation of the sun room. As different orientations have large differences in illumination, we must choose the appropriate plant species according to the orientation. If the sun room faces east or west, you can choose lingxiao, vine, morning glory, etc. If the balcony faces north, you can plant some shade-tolerant or semi-negative plants, such as asparagus, dieffenbachia, monstera, etc.
Generally, the area of ​​the sun room is limited, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate composition form and plant materials according to the specific conditions. The balcony facing the west is very hot in summer, and vertical greening is more suitable, which can play a role in shielding the scorching sun and cooling down. For the balcony facing better, parallel horizontal greening can be adopted.
The above is a brief introduction about the design considerations of the sun room and the decoration renderings of the sun room.