Sun room design

The sun room is also called the glass room. It is a non-traditional building constructed with glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and being close to nature. It is a building respected by people in pursuit of nature and fashion at home and abroad. The sun room needs to be designed and constructed according to the needs of the site and personal preferences, and the interior layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. The balcony or terrace sun room is in the whole room, so visual connection is very important. It needs to be considered consistent with the overall style of the building, and the overall tone should be as consistent as possible.

The sun room, commonly known as the glass room, is a non-traditional building. Its building facade is generally made of sun panels, or all glass can be selected. His main purpose is to get close to nature, enjoy the sun, leisure and entertainment. It is a new building highly praised by domestic people who pursue fashion in recent years.

Sun room design detail 1: Paving floor tiles. When the owner plans the garden in the exclusive sun room, the floor tiles do not need to be laid too flat, preferably a little ravine. This is good for retaining water and soil. Natural geology and landforms are also adopted in this way. A more environmentally friendly scientific way. The corners of the floor drain on the roof should be properly lowered to allow excessive moisture in the soil to drain from the floor drain. In addition, it is necessary to lay an isolation layer similar to a non-woven fabric on the board to prevent the water from taking away the sediment during the process of water leakage, and even blocking the pipeline.

Sunshine room service design details two: plant selection. When the owner of the sun room needs to plant some natural plants in the sun room, please pay attention to selecting plant species that love humidity and heat, because the sun room, especially the Beijing sun room, has a long sunshine time and the sun room is generally sealed Performance is better.

Please understand the orientation of your balcony when choosing. Due to the different orientations, the lighting varies greatly. There is basically no sunshine in the north facing balcony in summer, while the south facing balcony is the opposite. The east facing balcony and the west facing balcony each have only half a day of sunshine. Therefore, the appropriate plant species should be selected according to the orientation. For example, if the balcony faces south and the sunshine time is long, you can raise some flowers and plants that like sunshine, such as Milan, jasmine, hibiscus, rose and so on. If the balcony is facing east or west, it is best to plant some trailing plants, such as lingxiao, vine, morning glory, etc. If the balcony faces north, you can plant some shade-tolerant or semi-negative plants, such as asparagus, dieffenbachia, monstera, etc.

The space on the balcony is generally very limited. Climbing or trailing plants are often planted, using parallel vertical greening or parallel horizontal greening. Generally, the west balcony has strong sunlight in summer, so it is more suitable to adopt parallel and vertical greening. Plants form a green curtain to block the direct rays of the scorching sun, play the role of heat insulation and cooling, and make the balcony form a cool and comfortable environment. On balconies facing better, parallel horizontal greening can be adopted. In order not to affect the requirements of life functions, suitable composition forms and plant materials should be selected according to specific conditions.

Sunshine room service design details three: lockers. When the owner of the sun room needs to arrange a corner of the sun room as a locker, you must not plant too many plants near that corner, otherwise you must pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the locker.

Sunroom service design details 4: Sunroom drainage system. When designing the sunroom, attention should be paid to the setting of the drainage system, especially the pool area should not be too large. If the water volume is large, it is prone to spills, which will endanger the building safety over time. The design of the sun room must have doors and windows for ventilation.