Sun room style and characteristics

Sun room Mediterranean style (single inclined roof)
The mysterious Mediterranean civilization is always imaginative. Today’s sun room has also absorbed the essence of Mediterranean architecture. The combination of the upright support frame and the inclined flat roof is extremely concise and has an affinity that integrates heaven, earth and people. Therefore, floral-themed fabrics, rural-style rattan chairs, and colorful blooming flowers are all a wonderful match for the Mediterranean-style sun room.
Features: Simple shape, flexible form, no need to be too big. One side or both sides can face the wall.
Suitable areas: uncovered balconies of multi-storey or small high-rise apartments, corners of villas, etc.
Applicable functions: planting flowers, resting, meditation.

Victorian (polygonal top)
Victorian style is one of the classic shapes of the sun room. It follows the British Victorian court architectural style, using a frame structure to build rectangular or trapezoidal slopes, supplemented by exaggerated decorations on the top. The shape of the Victorian sun room is classic and solemn with a pointed top at the bottom; multiple ridges reflect different sunlight, resembling sparkling diamonds, so it is also known as the “Diamond House”.
Features: The atmosphere is luxurious, the court style, the area should be large rather than small.
Suitable areas: villa buildings with larger garden areas, roof terraces, etc. The sun room is surrounded on three sides, and one side can be connected to the living room or room.
Applicable functions: reception, leisure.

Byzantine (curved roof)
In the Byzantine sun room, connecting the wall and the ground is a huge arc. The arc shape is probably the most imaginative shape. In the arc-top sun room, it seems that what separates the space is not cold glass, but only an elegant and soft line.
Features: stylish and beautiful shape, flexible and diverse opening methods for doors and windows.
Suitable area: villa garden or terrace, large terrace of multi-story and small high-rise apartment houses (must have a certain width).
Applicable functions: tea drinking, fitness, two-person world.