Switch socket installation

Modern home life is inseparable from electricity. Switches and sockets are frequently used electrical accessories in our daily lives. We need to pay close attention to their safety and durability. Only by installing qualified switch sockets can the convenience and safety of household electricity be guaranteed. Therefore, it is better for all owners to understand the installation and construction of switch sockets.

Switch socket installation details: 1. The switch should be 130~150cm away from the ground and 15~20cm away from the side of the door frame. It cannot be installed behind the door. The position of the wall switch with a wall panel is at least 0.2m above the top of the board, the height of the exposed socket is not less than 1.3m from the ground, and the installation socket is not less than 0.3m. The kitchen and bathroom are determined separately. Do not install it on the bedside or on the desktop, and all switches must be closed in the same direction.

2. Bathrooms and balconies should be equipped with splash-proof sockets, or equipped with waterproof boxes. They cannot be installed above bathtubs, faucets, and stoves, and cannot be installed 20cm around the gas meter. 3. Two-hole sockets are used strictly for household appliances. The Yuba switch has a large switch power and requires more positions. For appliances that often need to be plugged and unplugged, you can use a socket with a switch. 4. Calculate the load, the socket without fixed load is calculated as 1000 watts, and the ordinary socket uses 2.5 square millimeter copper core wire.

5. Connect the ground wire to the three-hole socket with the neutral wire on the left and the phase wire on the right; the neutral wire on the left and the phase wire on the right of the two-eye socket. 6. Install firmly and tighten the joint. 7. Make sure that all wires are fully in contact with the switch and socket back seat wiring pile heads during installation. 8. The switch is mostly opened and closed with the opposite hand. The right hand is more than the left hand. Generally, it is on the left side of the door. The door switch should use the fluorescent type. 9. When decorating, pay attention to protect the panel of the switch socket to prevent contamination.

Precautions for the installation of switch sockets: 1. The height of switch sockets is standard: Switches and sockets should be set according to the standard unless they are required for special decoration. The height of the switch is the same as the height of an adult’s shoulder, and the distance from the ground is 120cm to 140cm.

The height requirements of the socket installation are different according to the use situation, and the decoration design should be reserved as much as possible. Such as audio-visual equipment, desk lamps, wiring boards and other grounding equipment sockets should be 30cm away from the ground; washing machine, refrigerator and other electrical sockets should be 120cm away from the ground; air conditioner, exhaust sockets should be 200cm away from the ground. Second, the choice of switch installation location: the location of the switch should be determined according to the living habits of the family. For example, most people are right-handed, so generally the door is opened to the right when the home is installed, and the switch is installed on the left side of the door.

In addition, for the upper and lower floors of the stairs, the bedroom door and the head of the bed, and the larger living room, it is very convenient to use dual control switches. 3. Precautions for the installation position of the socket: Install the socket in the kitchen. The socket must be far away from the stove to prevent heat damage to the socket; and in the bathroom, balcony and other places near the water, the socket should not be installed low and should be equipped with a splash cover;

No sockets should be installed in places that are particularly humid, with flammable, explosive gases and dust. 4. Independent sockets should be used for high-power electrical appliances: It is best to use separate three-plug sockets for high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and range hoods to prevent the total circuit power from tripping. For seasonal appliances such as air conditioners, a socket with a switch can be used. When not in use, the switch can be turned on without unplugging the plug.

Switch socket installation method: 1. Indicator switch: There is an LED indicator device on the switch. Mostly used in toilets, hallways, bedrooms, etc. It should be noted that when a fluorescent switch is used in conjunction with a low-quality fluorescent lamp, it may not be able to completely turn off the light (faint flicker). Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good-quality fluorescent lamp or incandescent light source.

2. Function switch: two-position multifunctional switch socket with protective door: a combination product consisting of a switch and a socket, and the socket has a protective door. The protection door design is based on the safety considerations of children and the elderly at home. The protection door of the socket is very important and must be truly anti-unipolar. 3. One-position dimmer switch: the light and dark adjustment of the light source is realized by the switch, no gear setting, the brightness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs.

4. Blank panel: It is used for spare processing. For example, some places have been wired, but it is still uncertain what kind or model of switch to install, then use a blank panel as a reservation. The doorbell button switch, specifically controls the switch of the doorbell. 5. Information socket: One broadband TV socket (for wired network): The cable TV socket can only be used for cable TV, while the broadband TV socket can be used for cable TV, digital and satellite TV, wired Internet access, etc., considering In future upgrades, broadband TV sockets will be more practical.

Its concealment performance is excellent, effectively preventing external electromagnetic wave interference and ensuring signal transmission quality. 6. Smart switch: In addition to the traditional function of the switch, it also has a receiving function. There is one input and one output two wires on the back panel, which can directly replace the original single-function switch in the home without changing the line.

Equipped with a remote control, it can set various modes such as banquet, catering, leisure, etc., remotely control home lighting, air conditioning, audio-visual, curtains, floor heating, etc., to match different indoor environments. 7. Audio signal socket: A socket specially used for signal transmission of audio-visual equipment. Mainly used in 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channel and other multi-speaker occasions. After the audio signal cable comes out of the power amplifier, it is necessary to run a dark line in the wall and lay it to each speaker position.

The audio signal socket is used where the signal line enters and exits from the wall. Two-position two-core telephone socket, a product composed of two two-core telephone sockets. 8. Infrared induction delay switch: at night or when the surrounding light is dim, it can sense the heat (temperature difference) of the human body and so on to automatically light up. When a person leaves, it will automatically shut down after a specified time (about 40 seconds).

If a person walks within the perceptual range, the lighting will not be turned off automatically, and it will not be lit during the day or in other bright surroundings. It is mostly used for automatic lighting control in corridors, stairs, warehouses and other places.

Switch socket installation conditions: 1. The height of the surface-mounted socket installation from the ground is generally 1.5-1.8m, and the concealed socket cannot be less than 0.3m from the ground. If there are children in the house, use a safety socket with a fuse to prevent children from getting electric shock or touching the socket holes with your fingers. 2. For the installation and wiring of single-phase two-hole sockets, when the holes are arranged vertically, it is upper fire and lower zero, and when they are arranged horizontally, it is left zero and right fire.

3. For the installation and wiring of single-phase three-hole sockets, the top hole is the grounding hole. It must be firmly connected to the grounding wire. It must not be left unconnected. The remaining two holes are left-zero and right-fired. Everyone needs to pay attention to the neutral line and grounding.

The wires must not be connected by mistake or connection. 4. The distance between the strong current and the weak current socket should be kept at least 30cm, and avoid being close to each other. 5. High-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators should use independent three-hole sockets with protective grounding, and the range hoods in the kitchen should also use three-hole sockets. It is very easy to attach the grounding wire to the gas pipe. Cause a fire accident.