Taboo for porch ceiling decoration

Entrance ceiling 1. The porch ceiling should be high rather than low
If the suspended ceiling at the entrance is too low and there is a sense of oppression, this is a bad omen in Feng Shui, which symbolizes that the family is under oppression and restraint, and it is difficult to make a comeback. The ceiling is high, the air circulation in the entrance is more comfortable, and it is also beneficial to the air transport of the house.
2. The color of the ceiling should be light but not heavy
The color on the porch ceiling should not be too dark. If the color of the ceiling is darker than the floor, it will form a pattern of upheaval and upside-down, which symbolizes the disorder of the family’s growth and disharmony. The color of the suspended ceiling is lighter than that of the floor, and the upper part is lighter and the lower part is heavier. This is normal.
3. Ceiling lamps should avoid triangles
The lighting arrangement on the top of the hallway should be round or square but not triangular. Some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the entrance to illuminate. This is a good arrangement, but if three lights are arranged in a triangle, it will be self-defeating, forming a situation of “three inverted incense sticks”. Very unfavorable. If it is arranged in a square or circle, it is not a problem, because the circle symbolizes reunion, while the square symbolizes squareness and stability.
4. Narrow and narrow entrance ceiling
Everyone knows that this kind of entrance is not very good in terms of lighting, so we have to use lights to decorate it. Because the light is too dark, it is easy to gather yin, which has an impact on fortune and health. Such a porch ceiling can be equipped with spotlights around the ceiling to let the light shine.

The style of the porch ceiling is changeable, sometimes it is a free and smooth curve, sometimes it is a structured geometric body, and sometimes it is a bold and explicit plank. When making the porch ceiling, it is necessary to have individuality, but also pay attention to the overall unity, and consider the ceiling of the porch and the ceiling of the living room. At the same time, it must not be forgotten that it must be well matched with the overall decoration Feng Shui, so it is necessary to master the taboos of Feng Shui on the entrance hall ceiling. When making the entrance hall ceiling, we can think of every detail and every disadvantage of Feng Shui.