Taboos for placing the porch shoe cabinet

Entrance shoe cabinet 1. Avoid the shoe cabinet from affecting the magnetic field. Small shoes also have magnetic fields, which can also affect Feng Shui. Many women have a lot of different styles of shoes, and like to put them in the bedroom, so that they can choose shoes and clothes before going to the street. However, in Feng Shui, shoes are only suitable to be placed near the gate, but not to other places in the house, including the bedroom.

2. Different people use different entrance shoe cabinets. Shoes worn on the street are contaminated with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. They are usually messy, so they should only be placed near the gates where you often enter. If you put your shoes around, the “bad air” outside will enter the house with the shoes, directly affecting the fortune of the people in the house. Therefore, it is best to add a shoe cabinet at home, and put all the shoes in the cabinet, so that bad magnetic fields cannot be released casually.

3. Don’t let the porch shoe cabinet break the fortune. For homes where the door faces the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also be used as a screen to block the evil spirits rushing through the door. As for new shoes that have never been worn on the street, or slippers for indoor use, there is no problem in putting them anywhere in the house. Therefore, if space is taken into consideration, a small shoe cabinet can be placed at the entrance of the hallway. Only the shoes that are changed daily are placed. New shoes or seasonal ones can be wiped clean and placed in the rest of the room.