Taboos of Feng Shui in Studio Decoration

Taboos of Feng Shui in Studio Decoration
1. The studio Mingtang should not be narrow and limited:
The studio should be large and spacious; from the perspective of Jinggong gossip, the bright hall in front of the office belongs to the position of abdication, which is a symbol of career in the gossip. Therefore, Mingtang, the location directly in front of the studio, can be said to directly refer to the future of this unit. Therefore, if the studio’s bright hall is narrow and closed, it will inevitably symbolize the limited future of this unit, numerous obstacles and difficult development. Later, if both the inside and outside of the studio are open and quiet, it means that this company or this unit has a bright future, smooth and successful.
2. There should be no rush in front of the studio:
The front of the studio is not suitable for all kinds of rushes: road rushes, electric poles, big trees, sharp angles, etc. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit will not only be prone to troubles, frequent obstructions, constant illnesses, strange incidents, frequent official nonsense, and even frequent personnel changes, insufficient centripetal force, and unable to retain employees.
3. Studio seats should not be empty:
The studio seat should have a backing; because the backing is good, there are many noble people, strong support, stable action, and sufficient succession; if the seat is empty, it often results in insufficient strength, weak body, insufficient personnel stability, lack of centripetal strength of employees, and noble people Not obvious, and even seriously affect the foothold of the entire company.
Four, the studio should not be dark and unclear, lack of lighting:
The lightness and darkness of the studio is absolutely related to the success or failure of the entire business. The office should be well-lit, bright and pleasant, so that performance can thrive, and good people will come to the fore. The rewards and punishments are clear, and the employees do their best and are responsible and dedicated. On the contrary, the dark and gloomy studio often brings obstacles and disobedience, as well as the fortune of villains, negligence, and low morale of employees.
5. The studio should not commit the white tiger evil:
There is a saying in geography and geomantic omen [It would be better for a dragon to be a thousand feet tall than a white tiger to look up]. In other words, from the perspective of feng shui, if the studio looks out to the front, it is best that the dragon on the left is higher than the tiger on the right; that is, the building on the left front should be slightly higher than the building on the right, because this means Qi Luck often develops positively, and everything is auspicious and everything goes smoothly. On the contrary, if the right tiger is higher than the left dragon, bad and negative phenomena will often occur, such as evil people taking the lead, good people suffering, official non-verbal words, full of disasters, and good things failing.