Taishi chair material

Taishi chair material
Taishi chair material-mahogany
Mahogany is the most common material for the mahogany chair. We will see many mahogany chairs in the market. Just like the picture we provided, the mahogany chair looks very magnificent. Mahogany is a kind of solid wood. The heartwood of mahogany is yellowish-red to red, and it turns purple-red when exposed to the air. In ancient times, it was most common to use mahogany to make mahogany chair. So far, the price of mahogany chair is still relatively expensive.
Taishi chair material-golden nanmu
The fame of Golden Phoebe is relatively large, and Golden Phoebe is a rare and precious wood unique to China. Since ancient times, golden nanmu is the special wood for royal furniture, and ordinary people can’t enjoy it. Therefore, golden nanmu is often used as the material of the old master chair in ancient times, which can show the noble identity of the owner. The reason why golden nanmu is so popular is mainly because of the nature of the wood. The golden nanmu has a clear and obvious natural three-dimensional devil dream pattern, and its golden natural luster is the most compatible with the dynasty.
Taishi chair material-boxwood
Boxwood is also one of the materials of the Taishi chair. The most commonly used boxwood in classical furniture is as the material for the Taishi chair. Boxwood has widespread signs of growth in the southeast coast, southwest, and Taiwan. Boxwood is mainly used to make carving crafts or master chairs. The boxwood chair is not as bright as the golden nanmu chair. Therefore, the price of the boxwood chair in the market is not as expensive as that of the golden nanmu chair.
Taishi Chair Material—Begonia Wood
So far, Begonia is more common. The biggest feature of Begonia wood is the grooved edge. Its twist pattern is a relatively common form of expression. People also use this point to use Begonia wood as the material of the chair. The Begonia wood chair is a high-end product in the market today. Because Begonia wood is mainly Grown in Southeast Asia, the quality of locally grown crabapple is not very good, and the relative price will be lower.


Cleaning and maintenance of the armchair
Taishi chairs are generally made of smooth rosewood. The surface is hard and smooth. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.
1. Clean it when it is dirty. The armchair is relatively hard, and is generally less integrated with other things. When we see it dirty, we can wipe it clean with water and a rag.
2. After cleaning with water, place it in a cool place to air dry. Although it is made of a very hard material, it is still a little damaged by exposure to the sun, so it is best to let it be air-dried in a more ventilated place.
3. If you want it to be cleaner, you can choose to wipe one side with detergent and rinse it with clean water. This will be very clean, but don’t forget to air dry it after flushing.