Tea restaurant decoration

Decoration process
1. On-site survey: After the decoration company is determined, the person in charge of the decoration company is required to conduct an on-site survey and provide investors with suggestions for the overall decoration
Make reasonable suggestions. If there are foreseeable doubts about some parts of the construction, communicate in advance.
2. Renovation plan: Before signing the contract, the person in charge of the construction party is required to list the construction schedule, personnel schedule, construction site protection measures, etc.
And make good communication with the three aspects of the property.
3. Decoration contract: Before signing the decoration contract, the investor should go to the decoration company for on-site inspection and negotiation, and verify the decoration company’s construction cost
Quality and business license.
4. Renovation preparation: After the preliminary preparations are completed, it is ready to start. First, the decoration equipment, machinery and materials enter the site, and the decoration personnel enter and exit certificate
, Set up the construction project card, make a good construction site fence and safety tips.
5. Phased construction: The initial stage is mainly infrastructure construction and hardware bottoming, and the layout of the basic pipe network.
6. Phased acceptance: construction supervision on-site decoration tracking, supervision and coordination of on-site construction.
7. Completion acceptance: The decoration of the tea restaurant has taken shape and has reached the design drawing effect.
8. Business review: Check whether the various engineering facilities are normal in the normal operation of the tea restaurant for one to two months.
9. Termination of the contract: After the investor’s business review, there is no problem, then both parties settle the balance and the contract is terminated.