Technical specification for building waterproof engineering

Waterproofing of buildings is a systematic project. All aspects such as scheme design, material selection, standard construction, and strict acceptance are all linked together to ensure the overall quality of the project. This is the consensus of the people in the industry. However, although there are many national standards for home interior decoration, the implementation process has caused the family leakage problem to be ineffective for a long time due to the low awareness of the owners, the lack of effective supervision, and the difficulty in identifying responsibilities. ease.
To this end, Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., together with China Building Standard Design and Research Institute and several industry experts, jointly compiled and published a special atlas of “Home Improvement Waterproof System Construction”, and further integrated the current six countries and industries Standard specifications, edit and publish the national standard reference atlas of “Building Indoor Waterproof Structure” (15CJ64-1), implement the national standards in the standard construction node drawings, and provide a reference for the implementation of home improvement and indoor waterproofing.
As an advocate of system waterproofing solutions, Oriental Yuhong has successfully applied system waterproofing concepts and solutions to Olympic venues such as the Great Hall of the People, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and other national landmark buildings and infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail and subway. Highly praised by users and all walks of life. The compilation and publication of the standard atlas is a major move taken by Oriental Yuhong to introduce the waterproof technical standards for national key engineering projects into the field of home improvement and waterproofing. It aims to provide water-proof quality for thousands of households relying on standardized system waterproofing services. Guaranteed.
At present, the publication of the atlas is imminent. Oriental Yuhong has joined forces with China Building Standard Design and Research Institute, China Building Waterproof Association, China Building Decoration Association, Shanghai Decoration Association, China Real Estate Association, and Yezhifeng Decoration, Kuoda Decoration, Jinzhao Decoration, Red Ant Decoration, Shenzhen Haotian Decoration, Shenyuan Decoration and other domestic large-scale decoration companies, German Wacker Chemicals and other international raw material suppliers, and other major media such as Beijing TV Life+, Sohu, Sina, Netease, and Sofang, will The gallery is promoted to the society, and strives to bring new standards to the home improvement waterproof industry, and build a lasting and safe living environment for home improvement owners.