Telescopic table

Telescopic table maintenance
1. The retractable dining table should be placed in a position far away from the door, window, tuyere and other parts with strong air flow, not to be exposed to sunlight;
2. The retractable dining table should not be placed near the heating in winter, and the indoor temperature should not be overheated. Generally, people should feel comfortable wearing sweaters indoors. In summer and summer, air conditioning should be often turned on to remove moisture, reduce moisture absorption and expansion of wood, and avoid slotting due to moisture expansion and deformation of tenon structure;
3. To keep the retractable dining table clean, clean gauze can be used to wipe dust everyday. It is not suitable to use chemical brightener, so as to avoid paint film sticking and damage. To keep the brightness, polish the table with three layers of varnish.
Advantages and disadvantages of retractable dining table
Advantages of retractable dining table
Compared with the general dining table, the retractable dining table has more functions when it is used, after all, it has more retractable functions. Most of the retractable dining tables that we often see are presented in circles, but for some square tables, there are not a few. The design proof of the appearance is changeable. If you want to say what is the biggest advantage of this kind of dining table, I think it needs to be identified from multiple angles. The longest use of this kind of table is the small house type space, which covers a small area. This advantage can also be seen as its biggest advantage. In addition to this, the table can also be stretched and contracted according to the number of people eating, which brings great convenience to people’s life. Since the table is necessary in the family, it can be prepared.
Retractable dining table disadvantages
We can’t treat anything unilaterally, including this kind of retractable dining table. It also has many shortcomings. Although it is said that this kind of table can expand freely, which brings great convenience to our life, it is very useful, but this kind of table is easy to break when it is used in ordinary times. In daily life, we need to pay attention to the maintenance problems, which is also one of the methods to prolong its service life. In addition, the general retractable dining table may be useful to the design of gears. In ordinary times, when this kind of table is used, we must pay attention not to get the dirty things stuck on the gear, which will affect the telescopic function of the table. Therefore, we should pay more attention to these in our daily life.