Terrace garden decoration design

In the tense pace of life in a big city, if I can have a simple small terrace garden, I can read books, listen to songs, and coax children in the garden after get off work, I think even if I have a busy day, I can Get soothing here! So how can terrace garden design be more creative and make people more comfortable?

Terrace garden design preparation
For terrace garden decoration design, you must first prepare enough soil for the growth of plants and arrange a comfortable seating area so that you can admire the green plants and enjoy a comfortable environment. At the same time, the terrace garden rest area must have a waterproof surface layer and a drainage system, especially for balconies and roof terraces.

Precautions for choosing terrace garden plants
Terrace gardens should choose plants of different types, colors, shapes and heights to match each other to create a sense of unevenness. The terrace gardens should be designed as picturesque attractions. It is also important to choose a soil with a thin layer of adaptation to slow-growing plant roots.

Terrace garden design style
As for the types of gardens, you can choose a terrace garden with blooming flowers, or a vegetable orchard with a farm atmosphere, as long as you like it. The next thing is to consider the matching furniture. Choose soft sofas and cushions, harmoniously colored tables and chairs, artistic decorative paintings, and use planted plants as a background to create a comfortable terrace garden.

The terrace garden is surrounded by green plants, creating a peaceful leisure space. The design of the terrace garden is not only beautiful, but also allows us to enjoy the fragrance of birds and flowers without leaving home. It is a great joy in life. When there is sunshine, sitting lazily here, soaking in the sun and enjoying music, must be sweeter than drinking honey.