Terrace garden decoration tips

In recent years, terraces have been favored by consumers more and more. Especially in villa decoration, the quality of life space created by terraces has been more and more affirmed by people. The terrace communicates directly with the sky and with the external landscape. For villa decoration, a space with a terrace is an improvement in the quality of life. It is not a concept of a room, but a communication between indoor and outdoor spaces. So what should be paid attention to when designing villa decoration terraces? According to the analysis of Yike gardening designer, the main points are as follows:

terrace design, restore the beauty of nature

Unlike the balcony, the terrace has no roof. The terrace design really does it: sitting at home, you can have heaven and earth. The terrace design allows the home to welcome the sun and air to the greatest extent. The designer of Shanghai Xiangao Villa Decoration Agency told us that the terrace is mainly designed according to the needs of the façade shape, and the design should be designed in full consideration of the different needs of the owner’s family: the three-story terrace is considered for the owner’s exclusive use and the whole family’s sharing; 2. The first floor is generally considered based on the needs of the landscape; the first floor platform considers the requirements of locality and emphasizes the relationship with the courtyard.

Secondly, we must figure out the purpose of this platform. If it is a place for family and friends to gather, and the area is large enough, you can put a round dining table with a few chairs, and then prop up a parasol. Around you can be decorated with taller tropical green plants, or put a simple oven and a long table, so that you can open an air barbecue party here. If this platform is just a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery, then a lounge chair and a small tea table are enough.

Choose the right material for the terrace, no future troubles

The choice of material for the terrace is very important and must not be careless.

Waterproof and thermal insulation: The terrace is connected to the outdoors, so climate factors should be considered in the environmental layout and material selection, such as choosing materials that can withstand wind and sun, and the materials should be beautiful and practical when choosing materials; in actual construction, the terrace It needs to be professionally waterproofed, and there is an open drainage ditch to ensure smooth drainage and no leakage; special lightweight materials are used to fill the landscaping to solve the load-bearing problem of the terrace.

Anti-rust treatment: Many terrace guardrails that have withstood the test of wind and rain for a long time tend to be rusty. From the aesthetic point of view, it is worth noting whether the guardrail has undergone anti-rust treatment. At present, some technology adopts powder spraying after galvanizing, and the joints are welded, which effectively prevents rainwater corrosion.

Beauty and safety are equally indispensable

The    terrace is exposed to the outdoors and is closely connected to the indoor private space. From the perspective of the occupants, the most important thing is safety considerations.
The terrace is at a higher level, and potted plants and flower stands are easily blown off by the wind, which requires the height of the guardrail. The height of the guardrail in the building standard is 1.1 meters. If the owner intends to create a landscape on the terrace to raise the entire plane in the future, the original height of the guardrail will also be increased accordingly; if the terrace of the townhouse is adjacent to two households, it will be on the guardrail It should be noted that it is not easy to climb, and the infrared anti-theft system should also be set in place, otherwise there will be certain safety hazards; for families with children, not only the height of the guardrail, but the safety design of its details is more important. You can design a “two-way” guardrail to prevent children from climbing. This kind of careful consideration makes more and more the better, so that the children have a space to show their nature and have a better safety guarantee.