Terrace garden design principles

Design principles of terrace gardens:

1. Economical and practical: Reasonable and economical use of urban space environment is always the goal pursued by urban planners, builders and managers. In addition to meeting different requirements for use, roof gardens should focus on green plants to create a variety of environmental atmospheres, and the novel and changeable layout of fine gardens to achieve the combination of ecological, environmental and economic benefits.

2. Safety science: The carrier of the roof garden is the top of the building. The safety of the building itself and the personnel must be considered, including the safe use of structural load-bearing and roof waterproof structure, and the safety of the protective railings around the roof. Because it is separated from the earth, the ecological environment has changed. To meet the needs of plant growth for light, heat, water, gas, and nutrients, new technologies and new materials must be adopted.

3. Exquisite and beautiful: The selection of flowers and trees should be connected with analogy and meaning. At the same time, the location and scale of roads, main scenery, architectural sketches, etc. should be carefully considered, not only in harmony with the main building and the surrounding environment, but also Unique and novel garden style. Not only in design, but also in construction management and selection of materials should be carefully. In addition, various garden-specific lighting fixtures should be placed on the grass, intersections, and high-low staggered sections, not only for lighting, but also as a kind of ornament to add beauty and sentiment.

4. Pay attention to systemicity: planning should be systematic, overcome randomness, use garden \”aesthetics\” unified planning, focus on plant landscaping, try to enrich the types of green plants, and at the same time, the choice of plants is not purely for ornamental. To simulate nature. The selected garden plants have strong resistance, dirt resistance and dirt absorption, and are easy to plant and manage. At the same time, the multi-layer configuration is adopted to increase the leaf area index to ensure higher environmental benefits.