Terrazzo ground practice

Construction technology of terrazzo floor
1. Do the leveling layer   ⑴ ash cake, do reinforce: the method is the same as that of the floor with cement mortar.
⑵ Brushing the cement mortar bonding layer: The method is the same as that of plastering the floor with cement mortar. ⑶ Spread cement mortar leveling layer: use 1:3 dry hard cement mortar for leveling layer, first spread the mortar, and then use a pressure ruler to flatten the bar, then use a wooden trowel to grind and compact. The surface is required to be flat and compact. Keep it rough. After the leveling layer is wiped, it should be watered for at least one day the next day.
2. Grid strips inlaid   ⑴ After curing for one day, firstly pop up vertical and horizontal or pattern ink lines on the leveling layer according to the design requirements, and then cut the grid strips according to the ink lines.  ⑵ Use pure cement paste on the lower part of the grid to form a splayed angle. The long seat is firmly embedded (about 30 degrees with the leveling layer), and the iron wire that the copper strip passes through should be buried.
⑶ After the grids are inlaid, start watering and curing every 12 hours, and the curing should be at least two days.
3. The surface layer of stone grout   ⑴ The cement grout must be measured in strict accordance with the mix ratio. The colored terrazzo should be dry-mixed repeatedly and evenly according to the mixing ratio of the white cement and the pigment. After the mixing is completed, sieve tightly for many times to make the pigment evenly mixed in the white cement, and adjust the spare amount for the slurry supplement, and finally according to the mixing ratio Stir well with Shimi, and stir with water.
⑵ The day before laying cement and gravel slurry, spray water to moisten the base. Remove the accumulated water and floating sand in the grid strip, and apply the cement grout again. The cement type is the same as that of the gravel slurry. Then the cement gravel slurry is first laid next to the grid strip and the edges of the grid Cement gravel slurry within about 10cm (the ratio of gravel slurry is generally 1:1.25 or 1:1.50) is lightly smoothed and compacted to protect the grid strips, and then the whole grid is spread, using a wooden grinding board or iron trowel Smooth and compact, but do not use pressure ruler to scrape. The surface layer should be about 5mm higher than the grid strip. If the local gravel slurry is too thick, use an iron trowel to dig it out, and then the surrounding gravel slurry should be scraped and compacted. For the thicker part of the cement slurry, some stones should be added appropriately. And flatten and compact to achieve a smooth surface and uniform distribution of stones.   (3) The surface of the stone slurry must be swept with wool at least twice to remove the surface slurry, check the uniformity of the stone particles (if too sparse, add the stone in time), then use an iron trowel to flatten and compact until the slurry is flooded.  ⑷ If there are several color patterns on the same plane, the dark color should be used first, and then the light color. After the former color paste has solidified, apply the latter color paste. Color pastes of two colors should not be spread at the same time to avoid cross-color. ⑸Cure: After paving the gravel slurry, watering and curing should be carried out from the next day.
4. Polishing   ⑴ For large-area construction, it is better to use a mechanical grinder to grind. Small areas and corners can be grinded by a small portable grinder. When mechanical grinders cannot be used for parts, manual grinders can be used. Test grinding should be done before grinding. If the stone particles are not loose after grinding, the grinding can be started. Generally, the grinding time is related to the temperature and the grade of cement.
⑵The polishing operation should be carried out with the method of “one slurry and two mills”, that is, the entire polishing process is divided into two polishing cycles and one grout supplement.
What is terrazzo ground
Terrazzo is a product whose surface is polished after mixing crushed stone into cement to make a concrete product. Commonly used to make floor tiles, countertops, sinks and other products. Terrazzo floor is a kind of composite floor material with cement as the main raw material. Its low cost and good performance are widely used in large-scale public buildings. According to statistics from relevant state departments, the area of ​​terrazzo used in public buildings nationwide exceeds 6 billion square meters, such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, government agencies, schools, commercial sites, airports, stations and wharfs. The biggest advantage of terrazzo ground is moisture-proof, and the climate in the south back to the south in March can keep the ground very dry.