The advantages of steel attic construction

There are many options for the crafting materials and methods of attic making, such as wooden structure, cast-in-place structure, steel structure, etc., each has its own advantages. Among them, steel structure construction is fast, safe and stable, and high cost performance, which has been widely adopted.
1. The architectural style is flexible and substantial. With large bay design, the indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes to meet the different needs of users. It can also increase the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-sectional area of ​​the column and using lightweight wall panels.
2. Excellent seismic and wind resistance performance. The concrete-filled steel tube column makes full and reasonable use of the material properties of steel and concrete, and reduces the section by increasing the corresponding strength. Its compressive and lateral bending strength are 1.5 times higher than that of the concrete column, which greatly increases the ability to resist strong earthquakes. Improve the safety and reliability of the residence.
3. The construction speed is fast. The steel structure adopts a light-weight house steel structure system. There is no need to bind steel bars on site, and no formwork is required. When the floor slab is cast-in-place concrete, no temporary support is required, which can greatly accelerate the assembly speed of the construction site. Therefore, the construction period of the light house steel structure system can be shortened by 50-75 compared with the traditional structure mode, which can greatly shorten the occupation period of investment funds and improve the efficiency of capital use.
4. Good environmental protection effect. During the construction of steel structure houses, the amount of sand, stone, and ash is greatly reduced. The materials used are mainly green recyclable or degradable materials. When the building is demolished, most of the materials can be regenerated or degraded, and a lot of garbage will not be generated. The wall adopts light-weight energy-saving standardized prefabricated wallboard instead of clay bricks, which has good thermal insulation performance, energy saving and environmental protection.
5. It has a high cost performance. The steel consumption of the light-weight house steel structure is about 15 lower than that of the concrete structure, the concrete is 50, the labor cost is 75, the freight is 75, and the basic treatment cost is 20-30.
6. Meet the requirements of residential industrialization and sustainable development. The steel structure is suitable for mass production in factories, with a high degree of industrialization, and can integrate advanced products such as energy saving, waterproofing, heat insulation, doors and windows, and complete sets of applications, integrating design, production, and construction, and improve the level of the housing industry.