The decoration points of the living room partition

The decoration points of the living room partition design The decoration points of the partition design of the dining room and the living room. The dining room and the living room are connected. The two are on the same plane. I want to use a corner sofa. The two adjacent spaces are divided into two. However, after entering from the door, I still feel that the space is very narrow and long, and the division of the two sections is not very obvious. What to do? The best way is to use a partition, which separates the two relatively, so that the whole space looks more layered, and it can also solve the long and narrow sense of the large space. However, besides using screens, can there be other ways to make partitions?

Recommended solution 1: The easiest way to cut off curtains is to use a bead curtain or gauze curtain to install behind the sofa, so that the partition can be achieved without Affect ventilation and lighting. This method is simple, cheap, and very fashionable. Recommended plan 2: Shelf partitions. In the furniture store, you can also see many shelves. There are simple wooden shelves with more than 100 yuan, metal shelves with thousands of yuan, and even bogu shelves made of precious wood No matter what kind of shelf, it can play the role of decoration, display and partition. Wooden shelves are more suitable for European and Chinese styles, while metal shelves are more suitable for modern styles with a stronger sense of the times.  Recommended plan 3: Low cabinet partition

Although the shelf can also be used for storage, it is an open space after all. If you put too many bits and pieces, it will appear too messy. Therefore, if you want to make partitions and want to increase storage space, you can consider using low cabinets as partitions. With a low cabinet below and a curtain on the top, this partition will be more romantic.

The height of the cabinet for partition is preferably about 0.9 to 1 meter. Because the height of the sofa backrest is generally about 0.7 meters to 0.8 meters, too short or too high will affect the effect. Too high may affect ventilation and lighting, and also make the space smaller.

As for the color, if the overall style is rich in colors, you don’t need to emphasize the color of the cabinet too much; if the style is simple and elegant, the sofa is dark in color, and the cabinet should be light in color.