The details to pay attention to when paving the keel

1. Correct: Meigu nails are important auxiliary materials for fixing the keel. Waterproof and rust-proof stainless steel Meigu nails must be used so that they will not rust after a long time.
Mistake: Irresponsible companies cut corners and use nails. Although iron nails can also fix the keel, it is easy to rust over time and the keel will loosen, and of course the floor will creak.
2. Correct: The keel is easily damp when buried under the floor, so the keel wood must be good. It is best to choose larch wood for the keel, which is dried, degreased and treated with anticorrosion to avoid moisture and corrosion of the keel, so as to ensure the quality of the floor.
Error: This is the wooden keel used by the guerrillas on the road. The ordinary wood has been damp without any treatment, and there are large holes in the fixed place. The keel is easy to be damp and break over time, directly affecting the quality of the floor.
3. Correct: The keel of a room will have some joints. At the joint of the wooden keel, the joint of the keel is at a 45-degree angle, making the connection more stable.
Mistake: In order to save trouble, the sloppy decoration company does not connect the keel, it is difficult to fix the keel in a straight line, and it is easy to loosen after a long time.
4. Correct: There is only one Meigu nail for each fixed position of the keel of the installation specification, and the nail is very firm and flat without looseness.
Mistake: The irresponsible company used two iron nails in the keel fixation. Although they were stronger, they cracked the keel.
5. Correct: Use an impact drill to drill holes on the keel. The drill bit must pass through the keel and stows. Do not loosen the keel and stows when drilling.
Wrong: Uneven keel is also a factor in the floor creaking. Some guerrillas on the road do not put small pieces of wood at all, how can the keel be leveled?
6. Correct: There are pipes in the corners, and the dragon skeleton is on the pipes, but the pipes are not squeezed. The keel can not only protect the pipeline, but also ensure that the floor is flat and not loose.
Mistake: If you encounter a place with pipelines, just stop here to save trouble. The keel is too far away from the corner, so can the floor not fall?
7. Correct: After installing the keel, workers must quickly clean up the site to keep the keel clean and dry.
Wrong: Such a construction site is not only dirty on the ground, even the keel is also dirty, but also easy to provoke ants.