The difference between birch plank and maple plank

Geographical distribution of birch lumber and maple lumber
Maple is widely distributed in my country. It is the special wood for the yarn spindles of textile factories and the shoe lasts of leather shoe factories. Due to the different origins, the material is also different. Some maple wood is soft, loose in structure and dull luster. Birch is mainly distributed in the north temperate zone, and a few are distributed in the Arctic region. Birch is cold-resistant, fast-growing, and relatively immune to pests and diseases. It is used for reforestation, soil erosion control, protective cover, or tree conservation.
Morphological characteristics of birch and maple boards
Birch is classified as trees and shrubs, the bark is white, gray, yellow-white, reddish brown, and the trees are smooth. The leaves on the birch usually have glandular points under the leaves, the edges are heavily serrated, rarely single serrated, the veins are pinnate, with petioles; the stipules are separated and fall early. Maple is classified into hard maple and soft maple according to its hardness. The strength of soft maple is about 25% lower than that of hard maple. Therefore, hard maple is more expensive than soft maple, and the wood is dense, with beautiful patterns and good luster, and bird-eye or tiger-back patterns are often present in the wood grain. It is a high-grade wood for decoration.
The advantages and disadvantages of birch and maple boards
Advantages of birch: easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing properties; the bark is flexible and beautiful. Disadvantages: not resistant to corrosion, wear resistance, easy to crack and warp after drying; advantages of maple wood: use maple wood to make the floor, the texture is beautiful and changeable, delicate, the wood has good toughness. The hardness is moderate. It gives a refreshing , Concise feeling; Disadvantages: light color, very diligent care. The above is the difference between birch and maple, I hope to help you.
Introduction to the varieties of birch and maple boards
Birch trees are mostly found in swampy areas. They have dark red bark that does not peel off. They grow in groups and their stems grow from a common root system. Maple is the wood with moderate hardness, dense wood, beautiful pattern and good luster, and the wood grain often has bird’s eye or tiger back-like patterns. It is a high-grade wood for decoration.