The difference between door bump and door stop

Door bump: It is to limit the angle and direction you open the door to prevent you from opening the angle too large to touch other things
Or you can position the door. For example, you only allow the door to open outwards (you can install a door touch on the inside of the door)
Door stopper: It is to prevent the door from closing by itself (for example, the door will close by itself if there is a wind), and to avoid damaging the door lock with excessive force.
Application of door bump
The door bump is commonly known as the door stopper. It is a device that performs corresponding positioning after the door is opened to prevent it from being closed by blowing or touching the door page. Normally, it is divided into two types: permanent magnetic door stopper and electromagnetic door stopper. Manually controlled permanent magnetic door The suction is used for ordinary doors, and the electromagnetic door suction with both manual control and automatic control is often used for electronically controlled doors and windows and other equipment.