The difference between wall painting machine and manual wall painting

1. The shortcomings of the wall painting machine have high requirements on the wall. If it is an uneven wall, the nozzle will be damaged and the wall will be stained with ink. Then the maintenance personnel need to be sent from the head office to repair it, and the time period is long.
2. The cost of the wall painting machine is high. A practitioner needs to invest tens of thousands, but there are not many applications, and the cost is difficult to recover. Because the printing effect is similar to the photo printing cloth, the editor of the hand-painted wall thinks it is pollution and hand-painting. art.
3. The shortcomings of the wall painting machine are not flexible, and it cannot reach the most edge and corner of the wall. It can only extend from the middle to the surroundings. Anyone who knows how to paint will know that most of the picture composition is displayed in bleeding. , If the picture can’t extend to the feeling outside the wall, the overall effect will be gone. Hand-drawn can be extended and reconstructed very freely.
4. It requires a complete high-pixel image and an absolutely flat image. Hand-painted requires a very small image, even a blurry image, or a different angle image. The artist can restore it on the wall. , It can even be more perfect than the original picture. Most of our materials have perspective or need to be changed and adjusted, so they need to be artificially processed and reconstructed.
5. The shortcomings of the wall painter cannot express texture. Friends who paint know that art is something that cannot be rigid. The method of texture is based on the expression method of each person’s painting. The machine can never do it, because He cannot accumulate paint and handle flexibly.
6. The shortcomings of the wall painter are too heavy. They need to be transported together with a car, must be transported, go to the elevator, or go to the construction site. A large part of the painting is still girls, and most people can never carry such heavy things. If you accidentally break it, tens of thousands of dollars will be gone, and sometimes you may not be able to use it if you take it with you. Because the place to paint may be a high wall, or a textured wall, or a wall with a lot of turns, maybe a ceramic tile, or a blackboard on the wall, a bulletin board, a TV, and a power outlet , Do we have to remove the wall painter before printing? Too many factors restrict the performance of the wall painter, how can someone be flexible.
7. What is the wall paint machine suitable for? It is suitable for the lowest-end customers. Those who do not need to pursue the final sense of integrity, can only be used for printing decorative paintings on the wall. Even if compared with the decorative painting, the final effect of the wall painting machine is not as good as the three-dimensional weight and decoration of the hand-painted decorative painting after mounting.