The earliest dynasty of Taishi chair

The earliest dynasty of Taishi chair
The Taishi Chair was first used in the Song Dynasty. It was originally the official chair. It was a symbol of power and status. When placed in the palace and yamen, it carried the meaning of official position. When placed in the family, it also showed the status of the master.
Among the Chinese classical furniture, there is a kind of furniture named after the official title that is very special. This is the “Taishi Chair”. Taishiyi was prospered in the Northern Song Dynasty, and it was recorded and described in the history books of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, celebrity notes, and several influential dictionaries that are popular today. What kind of chair is called a master chair? Where does the name of the chair come from?
The earliest record of the name of the Taishi Chair can be found in “Guei Er Ji” by Zhang Ruiyi in Song Dynasty. The book mentions that “the school chair of today, the ancient Hu bed, are only quintans from the past, and they are used by the servants and ministers. Because of Qin Shiyuan’s jealous state, he will fall back for a while. When Jingyi and Wu Yuan flattered I deliberately wrote the first forty handles of the lotus leaf and sent them to the Guoji Institute, and the craftsmen immediately added them. All the servants and servants used them. Then I named the Taishi.”
The Qin Shiyuan mentioned in the article was Qin Hui, the treacherous minister who was the Taishi at that time. This record clearly tells us that Qin Hui sat there and raised his head, accidentally dropping his headscarf. Looking at it, Wu Yuan ordered someone to make a kind of lotus leaf holder, and the craftsman put it on the chair circle of Qin Hui and others. The Taishi Chair came into being, and the name Taishi Chair spread from this. In addition to telling us the origin of the name of the Grand Master Chair, this text also clearly stated that the Grand Master Chair at that time was a ring chair with a lotus leaf holder. This dragging function is similar to the headrest on the backrest of modern cars and airplanes. A high traitor, a flatterer, inadvertently left a legacy for the history of Chinese furniture.
Interestingly, Yue Ke, Yue Fei’s grandson, also mentioned the various ties between Qin Hui and the Taishi Chair in “Historical History”, and clearly referred to the top seat with lotus leaf support as “the top seat in the lotus leaf” and “the top seat in the master”. Provide a corroboration for Zhang Ruiyi’s statement.


To buy a chair
How to choose the right chair
First, distinguish whether the material of the chair is made of real mahogany
The selection of furniture directly affects the value of the furniture. The mahogany has a long growth cycle, mellow wood, smooth, oily, and beautiful floral patterns, and its preciousness is self-evident. The wood with yellow as the main color, the yellow five elements in the earth dominates the yellow, symbolizing the earth in the square, some of the emperor’s clothing and utensils are based on yellow as the main tone, such as Hainan yellow pear, fragrant wood, big fruit red sandalwood, hedgehog red sandalwood Wait. Wood with black as the main color, black five elements dominate water, belongs to the north, water nurtures all things, enlighten the world, black is the main idea of calmness and convergence, such as small leaf red sandalwood, large leaf red sandalwood, black rosewood, ebony and so on. The wood with red as the main color, the red five elements dominate the fire, belongs to the south, warm and generous, positive, such as red rosewood.