The importance of building reinforcement engineering inspection

House reinforcement is a new building edge industry in the 21st century, and house reinforcement is a branch of civil construction. Housing inspection technology, structural reinforcement and reinforcement technology, engineering inspection and monitoring technology, and nationally recognized laboratories and other upstream and downstream housing inspection technologies are integrated together, which can be called a comprehensive technology for housing inspection.
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of my country, there are now a large number of buildings that have reached the design service life in our country, and although some buildings have not reached the design service life, their safety has become problematic, and they need to be reinforced and repaired. At the same time, the state limits the investment in structural construction. From the perspective of cost saving, there are more and more old structures and old buildings used, and the number of projects that need to be reinforced and transformed is gradually increasing. With regard to the recyclable use of buildings, there are more and more needs for structural reinforcement, technical transformation and design of additional floors. At the same time, with the improvement and change of seismic fortification standards, existing buildings in many areas cannot meet the seismic requirements of new fortifications, and seismic reinforcement is required. Dangerous buildings caused by poor engineering quality also urgently need to be reinforced.
So many houses need to be reinforced, so do house inspections that match the reinforcement also need to be carried out? The answer is yes. It has long been stipulated by laws and regulations that building reinforcement projects that need to demolish and modify the main body or load-bearing structure of the house, change the function of the house, or significantly increase the load of the house, require relevant house safety inspections and house appraisal. Housing inspection requires a third-party inspection agency with relevant housing inspection qualification certificates to conduct inspections. If the inspection and identification results meet the relevant housing safety standards, they can continue to be used. If they do not comply, the original building structure must be restored.