The key points of TV wall decoration design

1. Socket line
If it is a wall-mounted TV, leave a place for embedded pendants or a strong base and enough sockets on the wall. Experts suggest that it is better to bury a thicker pvc tube, all the wires can reach the TV cabinet below through this tube.
Second, the use of colors should be reasonable
Analyzed from the psychological effects of color, color can make a room look bigger or smaller, giving a “protruding” or “recessed” impression, which can make the room atmosphere more active and quiet.
Third, the design of the TV wall should be coordinated with the overall style of the home
It needs to be matched and set off with other furnishings, as well as other location arrangements and lighting effects. Another thing that should not be ignored is that if the TV is hung on the wall, in addition to a good LCD TV rack, whether the position should be reserved, whether the cable plug will block the installation of the LCD TV bracket, etc. should also be carefully considered. Improper, may cause the TV cannot be wall mounted, or affect the visual effect after wall mounting!
Fourth, the width of the living room
Experts suggest that the best distance between the eyes and the TV should be 3.5 times the size of the TV. Therefore, do not make the TV wall too thick, which will cause the living room to appear small and will also affect the visual effect of the TV.
Five, sofa position
Before the TV wall decoration design, the location of the sofa in the living room is particularly important. It is best to determine the position of the TV after the position of the sofa is determined. At this time, the size of the TV can determine the shape of the background wall.
Six, the lights echo
The decoration of the TV wall generally corresponds to the partial ceiling on the top surface, and the ceiling is generally equipped with lighting. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the matching of wall modeling and lighting, as well as the color and intensity of the lighting. It is best not to illuminate the TV with strong light to avoid eye fatigue.
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