The meaning of the tea table

The meaning of the tea table
Tea table, as the name suggests, is a table for drinking tea. With the rapid development of tea culture, the tea table combines practicality, art, appreciation and collection with its unique charm. It has won the love of celebrities and celebrities, and it is the new favorite of the collection world.
Tea Table Features
1. The particularity and preciousness of the materials used: Generally, they are the best trees and the first-class tree species (because they must be resistant to soaking, moisture, pests, deformation, hardness and toughness, the color and wood grain are clear and beautiful, so generally All use precious roots.)
2. The perfect combination of nature and craftsmanship, combining the strengths of woodcarving.
3. Unable to synthesize, counterfeit. Therefore, a good solid wood tea seat is an indifferent and elegant ink painting of mountains and waters, an agitated and beautiful Tang poetry and Song poetry, the Taoist practice of heaven and man and one, the Buddhist essence of Zen enlightenment, and the inspiration and understanding of the world in which we live and nature. Aesthetic summary. Choose the tea table from the roots of the old tree in the previous year to make tea, with an exquisite tea cup and a quaint purple clay pot, the tea is not intoxicating, but people are drunk. On the one hand, it will be able to fully display the tea’s nature and make a good tea that is ecstasy; on the other hand, it will be able to taste the “tea-flavored life”, taste selflessness, return to the truth, taste imaginary, full of creativity. God is connected to the universe, the taste is calm and clear, and the world is in harmony.
tea tables can be roughly divided into square, rectangular, and round according to their shape. The tea table is generally combined with the sofa, and there is also a matching combination.
Square tea table size: width 90cm, 105cm, 120cm, 135cm, 150cm; height 33-42cm.
Rectangular tea table size: small size: length 60-75cm, width 45-60cm, height 38-50cm (38 is best); medium size: length 120-135cm; width 38-50cm or 60-75cm; large size: length 150-180cm, Width 60-80cm, height 33-42cm (33 is the best).
Round tea table size: diameter 75cm, 90cm, 105cm, 120cm; height: 33-42cm.