The origin of modern Chinese style

Modern Chinese style is a kind of Chinese style; also known as new Chinese style. Is Chinese tradition
The interpretation of the cultural meaning of style in the context of the current era; it is a full understanding of contemporary Chinese culture
Contemporary design based on. The “New Chinese” style is not pure
Through the understanding of traditional culture, combining modern and traditional elements,
The aesthetic needs of people to create things rich in traditional charm, and to pass on the context of traditional art

1. The pace of life of modern people is accelerating, information broadcasting is becoming faster and faster, and people have more and more ways to understand the world. In order to express themselves and highlight themselves, more and more people choose to pursue the distinctiveness and uniqueness of their individuality, and express it in daily clothing, food, housing, and transportation. People will consciously or unknowingly have the behavior of vassal to the public. , So different fashion elements and styles appeared.

2. The fast-paced life makes modern style popular. However, some people are not satisfied with the paleness of the modern style and want to give it a certain cultural connotation; some people who accept the traditional Chinese style are not satisfied with its complexity and functional defects, and want to change it while maintaining its charm. . Thus, the modern Chinese style came into being.

3. There is a famous saying: National is the world, and the national is fashion. The modern Chinese style confirms this sentence. However, how to make a modern Chinese style is not easy. The design of modern Chinese style is not a simple merging of two styles or stacking of elements, but careful consideration, comprehensive consideration from the aspects of function, beauty, cultural meaning, coordination, etc., from the economics of modern people , Starting from the needs of life, using traditional culture and artistic connotation or making appropriate simplifications and adjustments to traditional elements, and recreating materials, structures, and craftsmanship, so that the designed work will be a mature work, otherwise it will not be too stale It is too frivolous to paint a tiger as a cat, which makes people laugh and generous.