The price of plastic steel doors and windows

Plastic steel doors and windows are made of polychlorohexene resin as the main raw material, plus stabilizers and other ingredients to produce profiles. It is one of the more widely used varieties of current home doors and windows. Let’s learn about the knowledge of plastic steel doors. .
The price of plastic steel doors and windows
1. Profile quality
① Look at the appearance of the profile. Because high-quality plastic steel profiles contain anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet chemical components, the color should be bluish-white (white to blue) instead of white or milky white as everyone usually thinks; profiles used in the south are generally The inner cavity is a profile with a three-cavity structure (with a closed drainage cavity, an isolation cavity, and a reinforced cavity). The color is too white or gray, indicating that the stable ingredients in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow over time. Middle and low grade plastic steel profiles are white and yellowish. Because the profile formula contains more calcium and has poor sun protection ability, it will become more and more yellow after a few years of use until it is aging, deformed, and brittle.
②Look at the name of the profile. Toxic plastic steel doors and windows generally use low-priced lead salt stabilizers as the main raw material. This raw material contains lead and is named “PVC profile”; non-toxic plastic steel doors and windows use non-toxic, pollution-free and environmentally friendly mercaptan organotin T -137 stabilizer, named “UPVC profile”.
2. Profile thickness. For plastic steel windows, the window has four thicknesses of 60 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm and 88 mm. The thicker the profile, the higher the price. Generally speaking, 60-thick plastic-steel profiles are suitable for the sixth floor and below, and at least 80 thickness is used for the sixth floor and above.
3. Thickness of steel lining. In order to reinforce the plastic steel profile, the steel lining should be clamped inside the plastic steel window. The steel lining has two thicknesses of 1.2mm and 1.5mm. The national standard is 1.2mm thick, which is sufficient for ordinary household use.
4. Source of hardware. Whether the hardware is imported or domestic is also a major factor in determining the price of doors and windows.
The paint hardware depends on the surface finish and the brand logo is clear; stainless steel hardware can be tried with magnets, if it feels magnetic, the hardware may rust in a short time.
5. Market price of plastic steel doors and windows. The most common price of domestic brand plastic steel doors and windows on the market is around 250~300 yuan/㎡. If you choose imported brand profiles, equipped with higher-end glass or high-end hardware, the price will even reach 500-800 yuan/㎡; The price of plastic-steel doors and windows that are not up to the standard is generally around 150-200 yuan/㎡. Based on these price positioning, you can determine what level of product your household is.