The price of the sideboard

The price of the sideboard
The price of the sideboard ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, and all kinds of prices have their advantages. The factors affecting the price of the sideboard are generally material and shape. Generally speaking, the dining cabinet with several hundred yuan is mostly made of wood-based panels, with rich colors and simple design, which can meet the general storage function. The sideboard with a price of about 2000 yuan is usually made of solid wood, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has excellent workmanship. It can store the goods and also give consideration to the decoration function. This is the price range of the sideboard with the most choices for families. The dining cabinet with higher price is made of solid wood. On the basis of ensuring the storage function, the appearance design of the dining cabinet is more considered, and the details are more attentive. It can better echo the decoration style and highlight the taste and cultivation of the host. There are also some high-priced sideboards, which often cost tens of thousands. In fact, such sideboards tend to be collectibles, which are often made by big brands or masters, and there is room for appreciation in the future. Presumably, the owner will not just use them as ordinary sideboard cabinets frequently, but let them quietly become home decorations and collectibles!
Collocation skills of sideboard
Dining cabinet collocation skill 1
If you say that your home environment is atmospheric, romantic European style, then it is recommended that the dining cabinet is better to buy a more moderate color, so that it has a more romantic and warm flavor of life. European style dining cabinets are generally with exquisite decoration, pure manual grinding, temperament introverted charming, placed at home, can enhance a lot of taste, and highlight your noble status.
Dining cabinet collocation skill 2
If the family room is a relatively large unit type, then the choice of dining cabinet needs to measure a large volume of multi-function. And pay attention to the design of the internal pattern, open type laminates can be placed on some books, decorations and beautiful tableware. In the middle part of the cabinet body, the cabinet door can be installed, and flat panel TV can be installed to store napkin cloth, food and other trivial items.
Sideboard matching skills 3
If the style of the sideboard is simple, simple and elegant, it can be matched with some works of art and so on. You can put some pictures and photos on the sideboard. However, it should be noted that the width of the artwork is generally smaller than the length of the dining cabinet, otherwise it will lose the sense of balance visually.
Dining cabinet collocation skill 4
If you say your kitchen is open, then the operating platform of the sideboard cabinet can be extended to weave beside the dining table, and the sideboard can be used as a table for preparing meals. The professional cabinet is equipped with a mounting plate and a light below, so that some food that does not need to be used immediately can be stored on it. And the cupboard that uses to prepare meal table had better choose drawer type, this also is convenient for storing kitchen utensils. This is not only simple storage, but also achieve a beautiful effect.