The purchase of sofa and stool

The purchase of sofa and stool
1. Look at the quality of the frame
Use both hands to vigorously shake the sofa stool back and forth and left and right repeatedly. If it feels better, the frame is firm. Discuss with the sales staff again, open the corner of the bottom cloth under the seat to check, if there is no decay, no insects, no scars, no bark or wood wool made of smooth hard mixed wood, and the connection between the material and the material is not The nails are used instead of mortises or notches to bite each other, and then glued firmly, there is no problem.
2. Look at the quality of the internal cushion
There are two types of interior cushions for sofas and stools: high-elastic foam, spray cotton and lightweight foam are layered on the top. This cushion has good resilience and comfortable sitting feeling; while the top is layered with medium density foam and spray glue. For cotton, this cushion has a harder sitting feeling and a slightly less resilient.
3. Look at fabrics and sewing
When buying a leather sofa stool, the leather surface should be rich and shiny, without scars, and the texture and texture should be fine. Use your fingertips to pinch a place and pull up. It should feel flexible and strong. After sitting, the wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious after trimming. The leather is top-quality leather.
When purchasing fabric sofas and stools, you should pay attention to it. High-end fabric sofas and stools are generally lined with cotton cloth, and other easily soiled parts should be changed and washed. Sofa fabrics should be relatively thick, and those with a weight of more than 300 grams per square meter are more durable, and it must be ensured that the surface cannot be balled after being rubbed more than 12,000 times. When buying a fabric sofa and stool, you should choose the fabric with fine and smooth warp and weft, no skipping wires, no exposed joints, and a strong feel. Sewing depends on whether the stitches are even and straight, and the seams are tight with both hands and the edges of the teeth are round and plump.
When choosing a rattan sofa and stool, the quality should not be ignored. You must touch it with your hands when buying. The smooth, flexible and barbless rattan is the top grade. After choosing the product, you should sit on it and try , Whether there is shaking or creaking sound because of excessive force, and carefully check whether the connections are firm.