The role of the platform

The floor is a common type of Japanese room furniture in Japanese room decoration, and it is often used with tatami mats. There is basically a floor box in the platform, which is convenient for storing items and can be used as a bed. It is a kind of decoration furniture commonly used in small apartment.

The platform is a platform made by nailing to the ground. Couches, tables, tables, beds, kangs and even futons can also be regarded as platforms. The interior design of the floor is generally within 20 cm, solid wood, solid wood, cloth, rattan, bamboo, reed mat, glass, etc. can be made. At present, most of the platforms are constructed with wooden keel, light brick and light steel keel. Bed as a floor
Bed as a floor

The first function of the platform is to distinguish space. In the integrated space of the living room and dining room, if a platform is built, the living room and dining room can be divided in terms of size, height, and form. In a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows without a balcony, if you make a platform, you can not only rest on the platform, but also dry clothes to create a casual corner, which is clearly different from the style of the living room.

The most important thing is that the platform can take advantage of the situation and create an atmosphere. Such as tea room, study room, chess room, etc., the use of the platform can create the corresponding nature and atmosphere visually. The platform can also be protected from damp, which can block water vapor. Making a platform on a concrete floor with heavy moisture is good for your health. However, due to uneven ground, the platform is potentially harmful to the elderly and children, and compared with other partitions, the spatial division of the platform is not particularly strong.