The working principle and introduction of automatic mahjong table

Introduction: The automatic mahjong table, as the name implies, is about “full automation”. Whether it is shuffling or splitting, it is done directly by the mahjong table. People need to operate the automatic mahjong table. For people , Is very convenient and very labor-saving. This article mainly introduces the basic information, types and working principle of the fully automatic mahjong table. Basic information of automatic mahjong table Although many people have a fully automatic mahjong table at home, few people know which country invented it. In fact, Japan was the first to invent, design and produce fully automatic mahjong tables. At the beginning, Japan would export a small amount of mahjong tables to China. However, by the 1990s, Japan discovered that China was a huge automatic mahjong table. In the Mahjong table market, a large number of Japanese come to China to open factories to produce fully automatic Mahjong tables. The ordinary mahjong table requires people to manually shuffle and pile up the cards after playing a mahjong table. However, the fully automatic mahjong table does not need to be so troublesome. After a game of mahjong is over, the players only need to push all the cards to In the center of the table, press the shuffle button on the table, and the table will automatically raise a newly stacked deck of cards onto the table, and then shuffle the cards that have just been pushed down. Therefore, the requirement of a fully automatic mahjong table is that the player must prepare two sets of mahjong and put them in the automatic mahjong machine, and remember not to mix the two sets of cards together. As an entertainment tool, the automatic mahjong table has become a product that every household will want to own, and even some restaurants and hotels are equipped with automatic mahjong tables. There are three main types of automatic Mahjong tables: single-port machine, four-port machine, and eight-port machine. The main difference between them lies in the number of cards to be pushed. The single-port machine has one card port, the four-port machine has four card cards, and the eight-port machine does not need to draw cards. The working principle of the automatic mahjong table The back of the table of the automatic mahjong table is full of iron, which can be attracted by magnetism, and the front is the ordinary mahjong table. When the card is on a sloping disk, the mahjong will rotate with the rotation of the disk. When the mahjong rises to a certain height, if the back of the mahjong is upward, then it will be on the mahjong table. The iron piece is sucked, and the mahjong will be sent to a slot with the rotation of the iron piece, and will be pushed away by a lever, while the mahjong facing up will still rotate with the rotation of the plate. The mahjong on the slot will be allocated to the four push cards by the lever until all the cards are pushed away by the lever.