Theme restaurant decoration

1. Searching for the ancient nostalgia theme Restaurant Searching for the ancient nostalgia is a commonly used theme at present. With this theme, restaurants generally want to create a true and good characteristic feeling for customers, so that people feel that they have traveled to ancient times when they eat. Different visual, auditory and spiritual touches; the environment should also create a sense of calmness and clarity, tableware, lamps, chairs, stairs, floors and even waiters. Therefore, the surrounding environment needs to be very infectious;
2. Regional Folklore and Folklore Theme Restaurants There are more dining venues designed based on the theme of folklore and folk customs. Due to the large number of ethnic groups in our country and the large area of ​​land, the food and folk customs of different regions vary greatly. Therefore, in our country, there are northeastern rural-style themed restaurants decorated with the themes of Tukang and earthen walls, and in the south there are coconut, ocean, etc. Theme restaurant with tropical style. To the west, there is a theme restaurant with yellow corn, big chili, etc., and to the east, there is a theme restaurant with old Shanghai style elements. Most of the customers of such restaurants are tourists, and the restaurants are also inside the scenic spots. The restaurant needs to give customers a feeling of entering the restaurant as if they are in the scenic spot;
3. The rural farmhouse style theme restaurant is decorated with plants in the exterior of the space. There are small winding waterways in the hall, and at the same time, it creates a majestic effect, giving people a strong return to the pastoral feeling, quiet and fresh, as if When I arrive at the farmhouse in the field in an instant, my mood will be extremely relaxed.
4. Romantic style theme restaurants. Romantic style theme restaurants are generally in the bustling urban area, and are an excellent dining place for dating between men and women. What needs to be displayed inside the restaurant is an incomparable sweet and romantic atmosphere. The color of the hall should also be warm tones, giving people a warm feeling, and appropriately matched with some more beautiful music. Of course, roses and other love-expressing flowers can also be used to decorate and match the environment.
There are 4 themed restaurants and 4 different dining experiences. As long as the decoration of the restaurant achieves the effect, eating in is not just a meal, but an unparalleled enjoyment.