Theme restaurant name

The word “theme” is not difficult to understand. To put it simply, a theme restaurant is a restaurant with a specific image, concept, sense of age, etc. The food, decoration style, and clothing of the service staff are all designed around the same theme, highlighting Sense of theme. Such a theme restaurant is not only different from other restaurants, but also can evoke good memories, especially young friends who have various hobbies, such as anime fans, star fans, etc., can choose their favorite theme restaurant, both Satisfy your hobbies and enjoy the pleasure of food. For example, the nostalgic “Teresa Teng Music Theme Restaurant” was a smash hit at the time. When you hear the name, you know that the restaurant is specially designed around the late singer Teresa Teng.
The photos and decoration style at the front entrance of the restaurant are refreshing, as if going back in time.
The interior decoration of the restaurant is also filled with a strong atmosphere of the times. There is a stage in front of the restaurant, and Teresa Teng’s singing is flying in every corner of the restaurant.
1. Shamian Station Western Restaurant Lounge-a romantic travel through time and space. Address: Shop No. 1, Shamian North Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou. Everything is a train element, and it has a very strong exotic atmosphere. With a little romantic feeling of train encounters. The signature dishes in the store are pumpkin jelly and American chicken steak.
2. Detailed address of Princess Road Tea Restaurant: Go to No. 153 Jiangnan Avenue Middle Road, Haizhu, Guangzhou. Don’t underestimate this theme restaurant. Although the name looks like a girl, it is actually the opposite. The theme of this restaurant is racing. The name is just the opposite of the theme, so it attracts a large number of guests. The signature dishes are pineapple oil and dry fried beef.
3. The detailed address of the Three Kingdoms Culture Theme Restaurant: No. 627, Beicun South Road, Choucheng Street, Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang. Compared with the above two-character theme restaurant, the name of this theme restaurant is more straightforward, which makes customers interested in the culture of the Three Kingdoms involuntary. To patronize. The signature dishes are Cao Chuan Borrow Arrow, Three Kingdoms Dry Pot Spring Frog, etc.