Traditional Chinese style

Chinese traditional style decoration generally refers to the traditional Chinese style decoration that has gradually formed since the Qing Dynasty. This style best reflects the aesthetic connotation of the Chinese nation’s home style and traditional culture, elegant and bookish.

1. Absorb the composition and decoration of algae well ceilings, hangings, and birds in traditional Chinese wooden frame buildings
2. Adopt the features of Ming and Qing furniture shapes and styles.
3. Brilliant and eye-catching colors. Chinese-style buildings are made of wooden materials and need paint or coating protection, so the exterior of the building has very bright colors, including vermilion lacquered columns, glazed tiles, five-color painting, and white marble base. The strong colors and strong contrast embody the essence of Chinese traditional culture.
4. Exquisite and practical decoration. The decoration of Chinese-style buildings clearly reflects the aesthetic characteristics of Chinese buildings. Their artistic style has a distinct era, regional and national characteristics, and their production techniques tend to be standardized and stereotyped, with strict regulations. Most of these exquisite decorations have strong practicality, and are not dispensable additions. For example, oil paintings are used to protect wood, and lattice window lattices are used to clamp gauze and paste paper. Gate towers, flower windows, and curved roof ridges are classic symbols of traditional architecture.
5. The structure of the civil frame. Chinese traditional buildings are mainly made of civil materials, using frame structure, mortise and tenon installation, and beam support. This kind of brick and wood building pays attention to the beauty of curves in the shape, emphasizes the vivid charm, and conforms to the Chinese architectural concept of gentleness, use, gentleness and lightness. However, this structure is only suitable for small-scale buildings, which can be completed with skill and experience, and lacks robustness and durability

In the decoration, many people still use the traditional Chinese style to decorate their homes. The decoration of traditional Chinese style should not only focus on nature, but also maintain the tradition with profound historical culture. Today, the editor specially made a traditional Chinese style furnishing design analysis for everyone, let us build the best life together. Analysis of traditional Chinese style furnishing design 1. The key points of traditional Chinese style design are layered in space. They are often divided by partitions and screens. Solid frames are made of solid wood, fixed brackets are used, and the middle is carved with zizi to make simple patterns. .   doors and windows are very important to determine the Chinese style, because Chinese doors and windows are generally made of grids or other traditional Chinese patterns, carved from solid wood into various themes, polished smooth, and full of three-dimensionality. Traditional Chinese style furnishing design analysis   The ceiling is made of wooden strips intersecting to form a grid, covered with wooden boards, and can also be used as a simple circular lamp pool ceiling. The frame is made of solid wood with clear layers and painted rosewood. The furnishings are symmetrical and cultural connotations are emphasized; the accessories are embellished with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, bonsai, and exquisite handicrafts to show the owner’s taste and dignity. The unique charm of Chinese traditional household culture. Analysis of traditional Chinese style furnishing design II. Furnishing design analysis 1. Simple shape    Under the condition of limited area, if a complex design is used, the material required will be large and it will appear a little empty in the space. And the essence of Chinese style is simple and simple. When choosing furniture and lamps, you need to choose a moderate body shape, so that it will not conflict with a smaller space. Analysis of traditional Chinese style furnishing design 2. Reasonable layout Because of the lack of space, the layout design needs to be more reasonable when designing, and enough space can be reserved for people to move around, and it will not cause the feeling of being too narrow , Utah is the living room. 3. The color selection is too dark. Different colors will have different perceptions of human vision. Too bright colors will make people see the entire space smaller. Therefore, if you want to do a small-sized Chinese decoration, the color You should choose a darker color system, which needs to be selected in the paint color. Traditional Chinese style furnishing design analysis 4. Using light to create a beam of light in the focal space can absorb the focal point in the entire space. Small apartment space is small. This method can also be used, so that people can focus on In terms of light, other spaces are magnified invisibly.  Through the analysis of the traditional Chinese style furnishings designed by the editor, it is not difficult to find out that the decoration of traditional Chinese style mainly highlights the word history. From the choice of color and furniture, the focus is mainly on dark wood. Living in such a room will definitely add a piece of fun to your life.

Chinese style is the artistic style of interior decoration design of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture. It is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, high space, large and deep, carved beams and painted ridges, magnificent, exquisite symmetrical shape, exquisite color contrast, decoration materials are mainly wood, patterns Many dragons, phoenixes, tortoises, lions, etc., are carefully crafted and magnificent. However, Chinese-style decoration is expensive and lacks modern flavor, so it can only be used for decoration in the home.

Maybe some people have always loved the traditional Chinese style design, maybe some people still have some misunderstandings about the traditional Chinese style. No matter which one you are, after reading the following traditional Chinese style renderings, its restrained and simple design style, I believe you will fall in love with the traditional Chinese style design. The complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings  Traditional Chinese style generally refers to the decoration of traditional Chinese style that has gradually formed since the Middle Ages. This style best reflects the traditional Chinese style of home furnishing and the aesthetic connotation of traditional culture. A complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings  Traditional Chinese style furniture. Every piece of Chinese style furniture is alive. Although it may only be a detail of the entire space, any position can determine the temperament of this place. One of the most fashionable home styles nowadays is mainly based on western decoration styles and furniture, mixed with one or two pieces of Chinese furniture, which often produces extremely beautiful effects. The complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings    The decoration of traditional Chinese style decorations is subdivided into confession, painting, and book. The confession is usually displayed in the hall, and sculptures are often used for decoration. Cases appeared on sacred occasions, and later paintings and book cases were the living style of case furniture, which can reflect the aesthetic characteristics of Chinese literati. The complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings  The tables in traditional Chinese style furniture include long tables, square tables, desks, kang tables, etc. The hall square table is the facade of a family, usually made of fine hardwood, with a stable and dignified shape, meticulous workmanship and elegant decoration. The desktop is usually 1M away, which is the social distance of the ancient Chinese. A complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings  The traditional Chinese style bed is a four-poster or six-poster canopy bed, the shelf can be surrounded by curtains, and the bed has a top cover. Does this mean something like a house in a house? Chinese-style beds and Arhat beds are a bit like widened benches without shelves, and are usually used during lunch breaks in the study. Traditional Chinese style renderings Daquan    Traditional Chinese-style furniture chairs, including the Grand Master Chair, the Official Hat Chair, and the Ring Chair. Different chairs have different sizes. Among them, the Qing Tai Master Chair is the largest and often placed in the main hall. A complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings  The traditional Chinese space is full of oriental aesthetic appeal, which is fascinating. But for modern life, it appears to be relatively simple and dull. It often makes people feel that emotions are suppressed, and the characteristics of being too stable often make people feel that it is not easy enough. The traditional Chinese style renderings    how to retain the taste and aesthetics of the Chinese style, and make life soothing, bright and relaxed, in fact, there is also a golden mean to follow. The complete set of traditional Chinese style renderings. The decorative techniques of traditional interior design are the embodiment of the implicit temperament of the Chinese. Chinese style is not a retro Ming and Qing in the full sense, but through the characteristics of Chinese style, it expresses the subtle, dignified and abundance of elegance. The pursuit of the spiritual realm of way. A complete picture of traditional Chinese style renderings    The original Chinese style allows the oriental culture to come alive, and people have the need for nostalgia, so the traditional Chinese style was born.