TV wall design

1. Size
The size problem is the most basic, because it determines the room for the TV background wall. When setting up a background wall, it is not always decorated with a whole wall. The design is mainly based on the size of the TV. If a small TV is equipped with a large background wall, the TV will appear smaller and will feel highly nervous when watching it. Of course, if a large TV is equipped with a small background wall, it will not show the effect, as if it is a layer of edge for the TV.
2. Color
When designing and decorating the TV background wall, avoid using the design with high color difference, and the color should be as light and even as possible. This will show the clarity of the TV picture, and it is also for eye protection. The design with high chromatic aberration, because the color itself is more vivid, will also affect the effect of the TV when watching it, making people’s eyes always in color change, which is very easy to fatigue.
3. Material
The decoration materials of the TV background wall cannot use high-gloss materials. Materials such as glass, high-gloss wall tiles or high-gloss mirrors should be avoided. Because the high-gloss background wall will bring too much reflection, it will make people unable to see the TV picture. Especially the wall that can be irradiated by sunlight, when reflecting light, it greatly affects the comfort of viewing.
4. Modeling
The large TV background wall can use curved shapes or three-dimensional decoration, etc., which can make the wall rich and less empty. A small TV background wall is suitable for a linear and smooth design, which looks more integrated. Whether it is a small area or a large area. The TV background wall should not be too complicated, otherwise it will make the room look messy.
5. Wiring and distance
For wiring, try to arrange the hidden position of the line during the decoration design. If you wait for the decoration to be considered, it will not be so easy to solve. Distance is also a problem that many people will overlook. Some people think that the TV is next to the background wall. In fact, it is best to leave a certain distance so that the TV will not be directly released on the background wall when it dissipates heat. , Can well protect the background wall.