TV wall material

First of all, most home decorations now use glass as the background wall. Glass is also a common material. Use some good glass with patterns to look good. The bright feeling will not depress the living room. , The accessories on the upper surface are even more beautiful, and a nice TV background wall can bring a finishing touch to the living room. Therefore, using some good glass as a TV background wall would be a good choice.

Second, there are also many households using wood as the glass background wall, because wood is a more environmentally friendly material, and now families pay attention to environmental protection, so they will choose some wood with clearer texture and look higher-grade as the glass background wall , With a pattern, it will be more shining, making the whole living room look more comfortable. Everyone will not breathe harmful gases after returning home, so wood is now the first choice for many people.

Third, wallpaper and wallpaper are relatively good materials, and they can be decorated without spending too much money to look good and fashionable. There are many colors of wallpapers, and you can choose colors that correspond to your home decoration style, which will look even better. beauty of. You can choose some 3D, so that it looks more three-dimensional, so that the whole living room looks better.