TV wall partition

European-style wood carving of living room partition TV wall
The living room partition TV wall can use different materials and different shapes, but many TV background wall partitions are semi-partition TV walls. Take the following TV background wall as an example.
The TV background wall in the living room uses European wood carving design. The wood carving shape and white paint are in line with the European style of decoration. The cross design in the middle makes the space more transparent and gives people a sense of art. The white European-style wood carving background wall partitions the dining room and the living room area, making the partition look more obvious.
Modern frame of living room partition TV wall
The living room partition TV wall can also be built with a wrought iron frame. A middle pillar is used to fix the entire TV background frame between the top and the ground. The area of ​​the frame should not be too large, and it occupies two-thirds of the entire passage. , But the frame must ensure that there is a place for the TV in the middle. Such a TV background wall design can make the partition transparent, and it is also convenient for us to walk from both sides of the aisle. The TV background wall frame design makes the space look more concise and clear. It has also become more fashionable.
The design of the living room partition TV wall
When designing the TV background wall, you can choose to use the spatial shape to design, for example, choose the design of two square pillars. The middle of the pillars can be matched with the same style elements of the home. The top part can be flexibly designed for the local lighting of the TV background wall. A certain distance should be left below the, this height is convenient for us to watch TV, and also makes the whole layout look more coordinated.
The natural half wall of the living room partition TV wall
The half-wall design partition is a typical half-partition TV wall in the living room. Such a partition can increase the visibility of the space and make the space look more refreshing. Earl white marble texture, coupled with a simple TV background wall, underneath the TV background wall is designed with wooden shapes and lights with lighting, the whole semi-partition TV wall is designed very delicately, wood and stone, can it look more than this Is the design close to nature?